Need a new way to test your stress levels?

Take your almost two-year-old on a 1500km (that’s just one way) road trip and stay with relatives for a couple of weeks.

That’ll get your blood pumping.

Throw in crazy pregnancy hormones and you’re heading down a one-way path to disaster.

Okay, so it wasn’t world-ending terrible.

Nor was there any (major) disaster.

I thought flying was tricky but keeping a toddler cooped up in the car proved to be difficult at times.

Especially on long stretches of boring road with many kilometres to go until the next stop.

Thank god for portable DVD players!

But it was what Izzie could potentially do while staying at someone else’s house that worried me most.

Our home is her castle so she has free reign.

If she breaks something, it’s not ideal, but it doesn’t really matter.

But not long after arriving at my aunt and uncle’s house, I already found myself stressing.

Miss Izzie, in her usual fashion, went straight for the most breakable thing she set her eyes on, a large crystal vase.

It quickly found a new home but it wasn’t long before other items were discovered, mainly pegs.

Yes pegs.

I packed a container full of toys but apparently they weren’t as fun and exciting as clothes pegs.

But ultimately we survived the experience unscathed.

Nothing was destroyed or broken.

Izzie had fun and kept everyone entertained with her antics.

I don’t know why I was so worried, my aunt and uncle are very relaxed, laid back people but I was paranoid Izzie would break something sentimental and I, in turn, would feel terrible.

Overall she’s a pretty good kid.

I should have known that she would probably behave really well.

But I tend to see both the best and worst of her and am often reassured what an angel she is.

I’d love to re-hear those opinions when the house is being screamed down at 2am!

But I’m glad we made the trip and despite being on edge, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it could be.

Although I think we’ll leave it a little while before we hit the road again.

I think one unpredictable child in the car is more than enough….

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