“You will make mistakes.”

“Don’t sweat the small stuff.”

“Never second guess yourself.”

“No one really knows what they’re doing.”
(Whether they admit it or not!)

These are just some of the things I’d probably tell myself as a new mum if I could go back.

After all, it feels like those early days have disappeared into a blur.

You can absorb all the advice in the world when you’re a new parent, but it doesn’t necessarily sink in at the time.

And you may not really feel like listening to anyone at the time either!

If I knew back when Izzie was born what I know now, would I do things differently?

Sometimes I think yes, but realistically it’s more a case of probably not.

And she would more than likely still be the happy healthy child she is.

Let’s face it, no parent is perfect (if you are, no one wants to hear it).

Especially in those early days where everything is so new and you feel like you’re stuck in a parallel universe.

You’re surrounded in dirty washing, covered in dried milk and feel like you haven’t slept in weeks.

I remember asking the same question over and over.

Can I (we) really do this?

You don’t want to know what my answer really was.

Even now, I have my doubts.

I still have days where there are tears and I feel like a failure.

But like I did back then, I just keep on going, the difference now is I have a toddler who has an unlimited supply of energy!

I must be doing something right, well most days anyway.

No one ever really knows what they’re in for when they become parents.

I’m more than happy to admit I was flying blind in the lead up to and probably long after Izzie’s arrival.

But despite my apprehension, reservations, apparent failing (mostly through my eyes) and silly mistakes, I have come out the other side and feel like I just might be doing a little something right.

After all, it’s time to prepare to do it all again…..

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