I feel like I’ve gone wrong somewhere.
But I’m stumped as to where, who, what or when it began! Don’t even get me started on why!

It’s early morning on any given day in our house and it’s time to get the girls dressed.
One child done (usually the youngest Miss Phoebe of course) and one to go, simple right?! Just grab some clothes, dress her and we’re done.
Nope not even close.
I wish that was the case.

An easy pick of a shirt and shorts aren’t good enough for Miss Izzie anymore because apparently it means “I’m not pretty”. What the hell?!
I kid you not, she has thrown tantrums because of wearing shorts. It’s to the point of almost world ending, all over a small portion of material.

It would seem we (in the form of Miss Izzie) need to be wearing a skirt or dress to be deemed pretty. I don’t even know where this idea has come from.

So far the only person she mentions about wearing skirts and being pretty is a certain yellow skivvy wearing member of a children’s entertainment group, who of course she wants to be like.
There’s certainly nothing wrong with having an idol and I’m not blaming Emma, but Izzie likes to remind me all the time that Emma is a girl and she wears a skirt, not pants.

Now I’m a shorts wearing kind of girl, comfort is important to me! Plus I love having pockets for the essentials; keys, tissues and phone. I do occasionally wear the odd skirt or dress so I’m definitely not against them!!

And I’m forever telling my girls they are beautiful inside and out, no matter what anyone else tells them.
So this crazy idea about clothing being the one thing that makes Miss Izzie pretty is not coming from me.
Lucky she doesn’t know a lot about make up just yet!

But how do you explain to a three-year-old that it doesn’t matter what you wear? That no one really pays that much attention to your clothes, well at least until you hit the pre-teen years anyway.
And I’m already scared about what could happen then……clothing really is just the start!

Most days I can’t be bothered arguing and just let her wear a skirt….at least she’s wearing clothes right?! But I can’t help thinking, is this the beginning of the end? Or should I remain hopeful (haha!) that this is just another phase on the list of many when it comes to raising children?!
What’s next, maybe she…..no wait I better not jinx myself!

I guess I’ve just gotten used to the fact for the past three-plus years I’ve been able to choose what she wears with very little fuss and it’s been a-maz-ing! Let’s face it, if every child had their way, fashion for kids would have a very different take on it. Superman undies anyone?! Haha!
But my Little Miss Independent (also known as Mini Me) is growing up fast and her crazy attitude is kicking up a gear all the time, I wonder where on Earth she gets it from…

**On another note….I’d like to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas!
Thank you so much for your support throughout the year.
Look out for more fun, excitement and interesting stories in 2017, as always I’m sure my girls will give me plenty to write about!
Until then….eat, drink, be merry and try to be nice if you can! **

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