Oh bwee ab a bop ah op oo eeee.

Did you get all that?

Nope me either but I hear it (or quite a variation of it) daily.

Miss Izzie loves a chat and I love listening to my little chatterbox.

But man I wish I could interpret some of her words of wisdom.

It certainly sounds like she has a few stories up her sleeve.

But although it can sound very much like gibberish, there are a few definite words in there as well.

So far we’ve locked down “daddy”(still no mummy mind you), “ta”, “bye bye”, “uh oh”, “hi”, “hello”, “ears”, “yes”, “yum yum”, even “Izzie” is turning up every now and then and of course the one you’ve all been waiting for “no”.

There’s a few words that are still on the fence as mildly confusing.

For example we’ve tried dinner and night night but they both come out sounding like “ne ne” and I’m not even sure how to translate her interpretation of the word duck.

No it doesn’t sound like a certain swear word beginning with F, but there’s no doubt that we’ll be hearing that soon enough.

Yes some days I feel like I have a parrot on my hands and others I may as well be talking to the wall (especially if the TV happens to be on).

However, there is one day I dread.

I’m not so much worried about the swearing, it’s a given in this family.
No my biggest worry is when she works out the word “why”.

I’ve joked that I’ll have an answer for everything but I fear that won’t be the answer she’s looking for.

No doubt the word “why” could become a forbidden one in our house.

But if there’s a bright side to the alien side of toddler speak, it’s watching the interaction with other kids.

They definitely have an understanding of each other like they have their very own language.

From secret giggles to cheeky looks, there’s definitely some chit chat going on.

No doubt it’s often used to gang up on unsuspecting parents!

But if there’s one thing our tiny humans are good at, even without using words, it’s letting us know how they feel.

Whether it’s a high pitched scream, a whiny noise that continues, the stomping of a foot or even having toys shoved in our face, there’s always some form of communication going on, even if we don’t always understand it.

With the constant stream of cute babble, there’s no doubt we’ll have quite the talker on our hands.

Now if only we can convince her that not every animal says “baa”…..

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