Comparatively Crazy

It’s hard to believe how fast this year is already going! I’ve been a bit slack with updating my own blog thanks to the craziness of mum life and working life combined. But alas, I am still around and in turn so are my delightful children (for now!) and the many interesting stories that come […]

Two different paths

If anyone ever asks me to describe my two girls, I would have to use the old line of chalk and cheese. While there’s no mistaking they are sisters – blonde hair, blue eyes, dimple in their chin (sorry girls, it’s in the genetic line up), very tall in height and big feet (again sorry […]

Always asking questions

How do you know if you’re doing it right? This whole parenting thing? Even life in general? You don’t! You can only do your best and see what happens after that. It’s pretty much flying blind, winging it, put your beer goggles on and just go with the flow type of stuff. Maybe some structure […]

The finest moments

I know I’m not the best mother. I’m nowhere near perfect. I don’t ever claim to be. I yell and I scream (who doesn’t?). I probably rant and rave a fair bit too. I sometimes pretend to throw tantrums back at my children too, not necessarily because I think it’s funny or I’m trying to […]

Raising the bar

“Mummy you do it for me.” “No mummy I do it myself.” So, which is it kiddo, you do it yourself or am I doing it for you? It depends on what it is of course. And it also depends on the day, week, month or even year. Time of day too. And if the […]

Learning the ropes

“No.” “Not yet.” “I don’t want to.” “Coz Mummy.” “I’m a big girl.” Yep defiance is strong in my baby girl. I wonder where she gets it from?! Haha, who am I kidding?!! Miss Phoebe is one strong willed and very independent young lady and very much like her mummy already. Well, to be fair, […]

Like mother, like daughters

My mini me’s have been at it again. What now? Oh, just the usual for a four-year-old full of attitude and her cheeky two-year-old sister who likes to copy everything she can. I’ve been told “no” and “don’t you dare mummy” more times than I dare to count. I’ve also been huffed and grunted at, […]

Looks do(n’t) matter

I feel like I’ve gone wrong somewhere. But I’m stumped as to where, who, what or when it began! Don’t even get me started on why! It’s early morning on any given day in our house and it’s time to get the girls dressed. One child done (usually the youngest Miss Phoebe of course) and […]

Pushing the limits

It’s been a crazy few days in our house. Okay maybe more like a crazy few weeks! I’d really like to use a stronger word than crazy but let’s just keep it PG rated for now. I’ve lost my shit more than once and I’m not proud of it! But sometimes counting to 10 just […]