One foot in front of the other

“Mummy. Mummmmmyyyyy. “Mummmmmm. Watch this!
“Why?? Why Mummy? Why????????”

Ever feel like the walls are starting to close in on you?
My favourite saying when it comes to motherhood is “never a dull moment”.
Oh how true it really is!

My girls are forever keeping me on my toes.
Whether it’s constantly yelling for my attention even when I’m already looking at them or deciding to start an argument over a silly toy (when don’t they?!) it just goes on and on.

But no matter what is going on I just feel like there’s never enough time. We just get over one hurdle and are facing another. I spend time with both girls but then I’m faced with the one-on-one dilemma. If I could split myself in half I’d be the best mum ever!

It’s always when you feel you’re getting a handle on things that mum guilt throws you back another ten paces. And mum guilt is a bitch!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a working mum, a stay-at-home mum, a part-time or full-time mum, however you fill the role, those little monsters…..I mean darling children….know how to make you feel all the feels.

You can spend all the time in the world with them and it might never be enough in their eyes or yours. But know that no matter what you do someone will deem it not enough. But who cares what anyone else thinks?! What matters, or really what should matter, is what you think and you really should give yourself more credit as a mumma!

I know I can’t talk, I’m my own worst enemy, I always have been! And it certainly doesn’t help when Miss Izzie or Miss Phoebe turn the sad eyes on me when I say no for what feels like the millionth time. Ahhhhh it’s a vicious cycle this mum guilt and I imagine it’s not going to disappear anytime soon!

They can take you to the highest of highs and make you proud as punch with beautiful manners, big achievements and cute smiles but things can go pear shaped in the blink of an eye and you find yourself acting as umpire in an impending battle of wills.

But what really warms my heart and brings a smile to my face (other than to see them peacefully sleeping) is when they genuinely get along. It’s amazing to watch them kiss, cuddle and giggle together. I know it’s not going to last forever but I’ll take it while I can get it!

And I guess even though no matter how much time you have, it may never feel like enough and mum guilt will always haunt us, there’s still the best part….unconditional love. Mummy is always their safe place, their warm arms and their go-to spot to make everything better when their little world is turning upside down and there are tears everywhere. And above all else my favourite words are still “I love you Mummy”……

Never a dull moment

From morning wake up to bedtime, I’m usually always on the go.

I often wonder (when I have a spare minute) what I did before I was a mum.

Oh that’s right I could take my time getting ready for the day, enjoyed sleeping in (remind me what it’s like again), watched an entire movie without interruption, went to dinner (mmmmm I miss sushi), held an adult conversation which was scream free, the list goes on!

I love being a mum but every now and then I have that selfish thought that I’m sure every parent experiences, the one that plagues you with guilt, “I miss my life from before”.

It’s usually only a fleeting thought but is quickly diminished when a cheeky giggle fills the air.

Even as I write we’re in the middle of playtime, it pretty much fills a big part of our day.

Pretend tea parties, building (and destroying) block towers, playing in ball pits and generally scattering toys or land mines as we often call them across the floor.

I’m not going to lie I do take the time to check my emails, write and of course check Facebook while we play but it can take me 20 minutes to read one small email some days.

This is where I’m extremely grateful for the smart phone, providing a mini portable computer for busy parents everywhere!

Cue the pause button while I sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and ABC……you know you want to join in!

I often find myself still singing even without a child in the room (admit it you just nodded in agreement)!

Life has certainly changed, it’s become more of a juggling act.
Fitting in washing, cleaning, cooking and other daily activities seemed like a breeze before there was a demanding one-year-old ruling the house.

My hat goes off to all my amazing friends (you know who you are) who do all that with two children or more, my mind boggles at the thought of fitting it all in!

I can only imagine that routine would play a big part in keeping the wheels of the household turning smoothly!
That and lists and reminders….

I know my phone calendar is my biggest saviour, even now. Everything goes in with a reminder alarm attached and I’m often fielding phone calls from my husband to check on dates before anything else is planned.

Whatever I have planned or try to plan anyway my darling daughter usually has other ideas, no two days are the same, I can assure you of that.

Lucky I’m super organised (OCD organised if you ask some) or I’d imagine life would follow a very different path!

If only I could organise and plan for the tantrums…