Keeping it real (ish)

I am a mum.

It is a hard job.

Yes I said “job” and yes it is something I chose to do, much like other things in my life.

But that doesn’t take away from the fact that it can be one of the worst jobs to take on.

You can be pushed to frustration beyond belief followed by pure joy in the blink of an eye.

You will, at times, wish to return to pre-children life.

It’s a normal thought process and does not necessarily mean you don’t love your kids, but maybe you might not like them a little bit at times (haha!).

Like I’ve said so many times before I love being a mum, my girls are my world.

More often than not my decisions centre around how it will affect them and yep you guessed it I usually put myself last.

“Me time” is rare but even when it happens the girls aren’t far from my mind, it’s just the way we mums are!

But in the very short time I’ve been a mum I’ve learnt many lessons and I’m still learning……

•Two against one takes on a whole new meaning when it comes to kids.
Some days are better than others but I’m surviving with the two girls….well chocolate and the occasional glass of wine might make it better!

•Multi tasking
Sure I can read a book to my toddler, interact with the baby and hold a conversation with someone else all at the same time!
But I’m not so sure the conversation makes much sense…..”that’s not my pony, it’s….aren’t you cheeky….yep that happened last week”.

Yes I’m a bit OCD but if it’s not on the list or in my calendar it probably won’t happen!

•I’m even more creative with words!
Yes I’m well known for being the wordsmith but I’m leaning more towards the use of bad words or trying not to use them! Fudge and sugar have become more popular these days…

•Sleep ins don’t exist anymore (well 7am feels like a sleep in) and don’t even think about staying up late because the kids don’t care if mumma decided to head to bed after 10pm!

•Enjoy the simple things (or reminisce about them)
A trip to the toilet in peace doesn’t exist anymore and having a quiet shower…..hahahaha!

•Karma really can bite
I must have been a cheeky toddler back in the day, I can sense a little bit of history repeating with Miss Izzie and I bet my parents are quietly laughing!

•Don’t make promises you can’t keep! Two-year-olds remember them….they don’t listen to you telling them to pick up their toys but they know if there’s a promise of chocolate or ice cream days after it was meant to happen.

•Cheeky smiles and big hugs are really worth the effort. Lucky they’re so cute….I guess I can’t put them back (just kidding!).

•Unconditional love is real, enough said!

Whether I’ve made you laugh, brought a tear to your eye or made you shake your head, remember that we’re all in this together and there is light at the end of what feels like a very long tunnel!

To all the mums, mums-to-be and those who step up to the role, but as always especially to my beautiful mum, you really are amazing!
From one tired, frazzled, proud mumma to you all, have a very Happy Mother’s Day!
Enjoy being spoilt, pampered and showered with love (and maybe presents) from all the children big and small out there!

Wiggly fun

Wiggle wiggle wiggle woo!

Yep I’m officially a Wiggles mum.

There is definitely no turning back now.

And funnily enough I have no shame in admitting it.

Miss Izzie and I went to our first show last week and I was super excited, probably a tad more than she was.

Well it was quite an effort to purchase tickets in the first place.
They’re not kidding when they say show tickets sell like “hot potato” (haha!).

Can you tell I don’t get out much these days?!

I can pretty much applaud my child filled hermit life for knowing just about every song they performed.
And yes I was quite happily singing along too!

Okay okay I might have already known a song or two from my pre-children days. After all The Wiggles are celebrating 25 years and yes I’m no spring chicken either!

But the songs are pretty catchy, so much so that I’ve even caught my lovely husband humming a song or two (haha!). I’ve also had days where a song plays on repeat in my mind (I can just picture all you other Mums nodding in sympathy).

Damn it, I think I’ve just jinxed myself! Rock-A-Bye Your Bear anyone?!

Now if someone had told me a few years ago that the highlight of my week would be a Wiggles show, I probably would have told them where to go or possibly smacked them in the face.

Yep the days of stadium big band concerts may just be a thing of the past for this mumma.
And it puts a whole new meaning on going out to a daytime “gig”.

If I’m going to be completely honest, I was a little hesitant about seeing The Wiggles to begin with, thinking we would be stuck in a hall filled with screaming overexcited children.

It wasn’t like that all.

The atmosphere was definitely one full of excitement, but most of the “young” audience watched the stage in awe of their colourful energetic idols.

And they really do have lots of energy! All credit to them for putting on show after show and all with a smile too!
Mind you if I was raking in as much cash as these guys probably do I’d be pretty cheerful too!

But I was super proud to watch Miss Izzie get into the spirit of things by singing and dancing along with her favourite performers. It was kind of adorable and yes I’m a little biased.

And she did look really cute dressed up as a mini version of Emma Wiggle, complete with a few bows, awwwwww! I couldn’t help myself….

The show may have lasted just under an hour but has left an everlasting impression on our mini wiggle.
I swear she has asked a few times each day since if we’re going to The Wiggles again.

We’ll definitely go see them again but I’m not ready for the stress of buying tickets again……not just yet anyway!

Ready, steady, wiggle….oh shit, here we go again! (Haha)

Magic and mayhem

“Santa….presents…ho, ho, ho and Merry Christmas”.

These words have been flowing from the mouth of our beautiful Miss Izzie on a daily basis in the past week.

The Christmas spirit is well and truly alive in our house this year.

It’s her third Christmas but the first time she’s paid any attention to what’s been going on.

She helped us put the tree up on December 1 and has spent many days “redecorating” it since.

We also made the trek to the shops to see the jolly man in the big red suit and score a memento of the occasion.

A very excited Izzie babbled about visiting Santa the whole way there, until we got within two feet of the big guy.

Let’s just say my hopes of a cute photo of the two girls with Santa turned into a rather cheesy shot of the four of us snuggled up to him instead!

Poor Izzie was a bit freaked out while Miss Phoebe slept through the whole debacle!

I guess there’s always next year….or we could start a family tradition of Santa photos, haha!
I’m sure my husband is already running for the hills at the thought!

All the photo drama aside, it is exciting to once again relive the magic of Christmas, Santa and all that comes with it.

I must admit I felt like a bit of a grinch for many years before the girls came along.

Now I’m starting to feel like a kid again.

It’s brought a lively nature into our house talking about Santa and presents.

But the best part about now being the adult is using the threat of no presents for naughty behaviour.

The hard part has been not laughing while issuing the threat.

Not that it’s made a huge difference, with our cheeky toddler laughing at us instead.

As if the presents won’t appear, Santa has been busy shopping (sorry the elves have been making the gifts) and wrapping for weeks, haha!

But now the big day is almost here.

Santa’s treats are ready with beer, milk and cookies taking pride of place near our tree with Miss Izzie’s toy Santa “watching” to make sure the real Santa gets them!

I think daddy may have already finished the beer assembling one of the presents and I may just need a biscuit to get me through (haha!).

Merry Christmas to everyone out there!

May your day be filled with love, laughter and if you’re lucky enough little ones filled with excitement and wonder!

Christmas morning is going to be so much fun with a sea of wrapping paper to waddle through…..I can’t wait!

It’s a shame the cleaning fairy can’t add some magic to make it all disappear in the bin at the end…..

A moment of reflection

Life sure is different these days.

Both good and bad.

When I became a mother I feel like I said goodbye to a big part of me.

Don’t get me wrong I love being a mum to my two beautiful girls, but I do miss aspects of my pre-baby life.

Aside from the fact I could go to the toilet in peace, I could eat chocolate without having to share, sleep was amazing and going out could be a spur-of-the-moment decision.

And, well…..people used to visit to see us but now it’s really to see the girls.

I can hear you all (well those who visit anyway) saying “but but but…I come to see you too!”

Once again that’s another story.

But after a rough day yesterday where I spent quite some time yelling at my toddler and trying to stop her from killing her sister, I almost feel like giving up.

I honestly felt like the worst mum in the world.

Mummy guilt sure can knock you for six.

I looked out the door and thought about what could be on the other side.

(Freedom!!!! Just kidding!)

But then something magical happened.

I thought about the good stuff like when Miss Izzie hugged and kissed me for no reason and Miss Phoebe gave me one of her gummy big smiles.

And once again things fell into place.

Well after a sneaky piece of chocolate anyway.

Wine would have been better.
Damn this breastfeeding business (haha!).

I’ve never lied about parenting being a hard gig.

There’s no point.

Earlier this week one of my lovely pregnant friends asked if it was hard juggling a toddler and a newborn.

My response was giving birth is easier than dealing with a toddler and a baby right now.

Probably a tad over dramatic (yes I know labour/birth is not easy for everyone) but combining a temperamental toddler with a crying baby doesn’t always result in a good outcome, particularly when daddy is at work!

Especially when it comes to dinner, bath and bedtime!

I mean sitting with a two-year-old for half an hour (or maybe more) while she picks at a small plate of fish fingers, salad and sauce could drive the most sane person crazy!

Who knew eating just sauce constituted a meal?!

But once again I survived, gritted my teeth and kept going.


Because I have to, I’m meant to and two little girls rely on me to make their world keep moving.

And most importantly because……I am mum.

Onwards and upwards

Sometimes I miss the carefree nature of being a kid.

No responsibility.

No worries.

Clothes reappear clean.

Food is cooked and served.

There’s plenty of toys to play with and fun to be had.

Okay, so you have to go to school but at least you get to see your friends most days.

How could you not love all that?!

Then I think I’d have to go through growing up and endure the teenage years and I realise I’m good with being a grown up.

But after a tough, emotional couple of weeks, I’m on the verge of liking the idea of being a kid again.

Then Miss Izzie calls me mummy, giggles at me, gives me a cuddle or grabs my hand to play and I’m reminded of how innocent children can be and I know I’m where I should be in life.

I’m mummy.

I’m the one who makes her day easy, carefree and fun.

She doesn’t know the sadness of loss yet or the emotions of big life changes because she just wants cuddles, TV shows, books and toys.

Oh and for mummy to sing the same song, over and over and over and over…..

And let’s face it, for an almost two-year-old, those things are a pretty big deal.

I know that one day I will have to explain life, death and of course the birds and bees (yikes!).

But I’m grateful for now that Izzie gets to enjoy being a child.

A child who doesn’t have to worry about the big scary wide world, just yet.

I’m glad that I don’t have to explain about the bad things we see on the news.

Or even why people get sick and hurt.

That at times this beautiful place we live in can be dangerous, scary and unpredictable.

But putting all that aside, I’m forever grateful that I get to be her mummy and I have her daddy by my side.

Together we get to watch our little girl have fun, be amazed and turn into quite the cheeky little monkey.

A young lady that is growing up very fast.

Sometimes I think too fast! Where did my little baby go?!

I often see a glimpse of what could become quite an attitude.

Flash forward to the teenage years and I think karma is going to come back and bite me (yes mum, I hear you!).

No doubt there’s plenty of fun years still ahead of us….