The fun side of growing up

I’ve always thought it was a bit of a bummer being the youngest child. I know there’s only two of us (sucks to be you if you have more older siblings) but at times it hasn’t always been fun being the youngest. And if you’re about to say the youngest gets everything, that’s not always true! Plus having an older brother, I swear he got away with so many things and then I wasn’t allowed to go out as much either as a teenager, thanks to his antics! I could say so many things about him here because it’s unlikely he’ll read this. Older siblings, who would have them? Haha! In saying that he’s been an alright older brother, looking out for me in some of the toughest times in my life. Yep, being the baby of the family has both its perks and a downside as well, as with everything!

I guess I have noticed I do have a bit of a soft spot for my baby, Miss Phoebe. Don’t get me wrong I love my girls equally and I don’t have a favourite (not all the time anyway!) but there are times when my heart goes out to my youngest child. If you can’t beat them, join them, right?! Must be because we have that younger sibling role in common. Or because for now she still sort of listens to me. Who am I kidding? My children don’t like to listen, especially Miss four going on 14 and Miss two I’m copying what my sister does! Maybe we’ll go with the younger sibling link, for now anyway!

Let’s face it as the youngest you pretty much learn about life the hard way. The oldest is the test dummy and if they survive okay, then once the second arrives they can handle it even more! Just thinking back to when Miss Izzie was a baby, I watched her like a hawk, was careful how she ate food in case she choked and overall made sure nothing happened to her. Miss Pheebs on the other hand has had a somewhat more relaxed upbringing so far.
As a younger sibling you get pushed around, pushed over, kicked, sometimes bitten, toys, thrown at you and taken off you and that’s just a selection of the fun. I guess it’s all part of the pecking order. Quite often I have to step in as referee before things escalate but more often than not Miss Pheebs stands up for herself (you go kid! I’m kidding of course!).

As always though, mum guilt kicks in when I worry about being too hard on Miss Izzie as the eldest. I know her whole world changed when her little sister came into the picture, but I just hope she knows how much her little sister looks up to her. I love watching her get along with her baby sister, those are the best times. The fun, the laughter and then the cuddles when they see each other after some time apart, it certainly makes up for any tough times. I know it’s not going to last forever. I’m still dreading the day I come across some serious hair pulling or fighting over clothes or boys, that will be fun (not!). I still want to skip those years, long before they happen! Lucky I love them right?!

On that note, if you’re still reading, I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas and a safe and joyous start to the new year. Thank you for your support in what can only be described as a challenging and emotional year. Let’s see what 2018 brings. Until next time….

Talking the talk

You have to love the lies we tell ourselves about our own children. Before they’re born and you see a friend’s offspring or a kid at the shops throwing a ridiculous tantrum over nothing you say, ‘oh my child won’t do that’. After they’re born and you’re still stuck in that newborn haze, you can’t help but think ‘everything will be perfect and work in my favour, my baby is and will be nothing like those other kids’. But the truth is you really don’t know what will happen until you’re living it. Living the dream or actually realising you were acting like a completely smug you know what until reality (your children) smacks you in the face.

We have our good days and our bad. The times we’re really happy or bawling our eyes out. Life with children is no walk in the park. So why should we treat it that way?! Why should we pretend everything is perfect when in reality it isn’t? Well I think it has a lot to do with a preconceived notion that we have to show that we have a handle on everything and we can do just about anything.

Mums are pretty good at doing most things, most of the time (we like to think so or at least hope) but we really can’t have it all. I’m about as far from perfect as you can get, I’ve always been happy to admit that and I have no shame in saying that I have struggled and even now I still have extremely tough days and nights too. I yell when my girls go feral and yes, I have been known to swear (shock horror) at them as well. Every now and then I still have the thought that running away might be easier than dealing with a child whose sister has looked at them at the wrong way/taking a toy or even touched them. I think it’s safe to say I won’t be winning Mother of the Year anytime soon.

And seriously I’d still like to have words with whoever put the silly idea in Miss Izzie’s head that she can’t possibly wear anything other than dresses. Every. Single. Day. We have a drawer full of shorts and plenty of pretty shirts hanging in the cupboard, but it seems they aren’t good enough even with Elsa’s perfect blonde hair and beaming smile plastered on them. It’s an ongoing battle, one I should probably just let go of (see what I did there). Can you sense my frustration? Haha! I guess I’ve never found myself much of a girly girl. Shorts and a top are my comfort zone. So, dealing with a little princess sure can be challenging, to say the least.

I have hope. Yes, I’m hopeful that Miss Phoebe may be less of a handful. Who am I kidding? That kid is already the devil in disguise, getting her big sister into trouble or upsetting her every chance she can. It makes me laugh though because I’m pretty sure I did the same thing for my big brother. Correction I was the best little sister ever (cough cough).

At the end of the day it shouldn’t be about who has a better handle on things, who’s winning or losing in this epic battle of parenting. It’s really about surviving and showing your kids you love them even when they’re driving you up the wall. Expect the worst, hope for the best and always keep a stash of wine and chocolate somewhere handy!

Ups and downs

Every day with kids is a roller coaster. One minute you’re up, the next going down and let’s not forget always having to be prepared for the unexpected twists and turns.

Like now, I feel like a walking zombie again thanks to the joys of teething and the oh so fun tantrums….from not just one but both girls!

But it’s hard to imagine life any other way once you have kids. They do take up a lot of your time, day and night and everything in between!

I will admit though it’s still fun watching them grow, develop their own personality and take on the world.

It’s just a shame they feel taking on the world involves wiping me out in the process!

Each day often brings with it new challenges, new discoveries and a whole lot of questions.

Why really can be a horrible word, especially when your patience is wearing out.
Some days I’m prepared with answers, even if they don’t make sense to me, Miss Izzie seems happy enough.
And other days Mummy just spends her time losing her marbles. If you find them somewhere I’d love them back, haha!

I love her curiosity more than anything because I think it reminds me of what I was like and to an extent what I’m still like now. Always asking questions, wanting to find out as much as I can about what’s happening in the world.

Kids are always learning from us, even if it’s not always necessarily good things (haha).

Sometimes I think it can be a bad thing that my girls carry many of my traits but then I realize it has potential to be a good thing too. The bad temper maybe not so much.

As for Miss Phoebe, watching her come into her own and stand her ground more and more with her big sister can be both hilarious and exasperating at the same time. I’m already having visions of hair pulling in the not too distance future. And the thought of fights over clothes and shoes is another level altogether.
But at least they’re still up for the cute kisses and cuddles at bedtime. Awwwww!

I don’t know where I would be without them….okay maybe I could think of a few places….just kidding.

But like most parents, I hope that despite everything they go through that they grow up to be the best they can be, achieve everything they want and do what makes them happy without ever thinking they didn’t give it their best shot so long as they tried and gave it their all.

Sometimes I wonder if the same could be said for other things in life but that as always is another story…

I’m off on another fun roller coaster ride, it’s like they know the minute you sit down, they always know (haha!).

Looks do(n’t) matter

I feel like I’ve gone wrong somewhere.
But I’m stumped as to where, who, what or when it began! Don’t even get me started on why!

It’s early morning on any given day in our house and it’s time to get the girls dressed.
One child done (usually the youngest Miss Phoebe of course) and one to go, simple right?! Just grab some clothes, dress her and we’re done.
Nope not even close.
I wish that was the case.

An easy pick of a shirt and shorts aren’t good enough for Miss Izzie anymore because apparently it means “I’m not pretty”. What the hell?!
I kid you not, she has thrown tantrums because of wearing shorts. It’s to the point of almost world ending, all over a small portion of material.

It would seem we (in the form of Miss Izzie) need to be wearing a skirt or dress to be deemed pretty. I don’t even know where this idea has come from.

So far the only person she mentions about wearing skirts and being pretty is a certain yellow skivvy wearing member of a children’s entertainment group, who of course she wants to be like.
There’s certainly nothing wrong with having an idol and I’m not blaming Emma, but Izzie likes to remind me all the time that Emma is a girl and she wears a skirt, not pants.

Now I’m a shorts wearing kind of girl, comfort is important to me! Plus I love having pockets for the essentials; keys, tissues and phone. I do occasionally wear the odd skirt or dress so I’m definitely not against them!!

And I’m forever telling my girls they are beautiful inside and out, no matter what anyone else tells them.
So this crazy idea about clothing being the one thing that makes Miss Izzie pretty is not coming from me.
Lucky she doesn’t know a lot about make up just yet!

But how do you explain to a three-year-old that it doesn’t matter what you wear? That no one really pays that much attention to your clothes, well at least until you hit the pre-teen years anyway.
And I’m already scared about what could happen then……clothing really is just the start!

Most days I can’t be bothered arguing and just let her wear a skirt….at least she’s wearing clothes right?! But I can’t help thinking, is this the beginning of the end? Or should I remain hopeful (haha!) that this is just another phase on the list of many when it comes to raising children?!
What’s next, maybe she… wait I better not jinx myself!

I guess I’ve just gotten used to the fact for the past three-plus years I’ve been able to choose what she wears with very little fuss and it’s been a-maz-ing! Let’s face it, if every child had their way, fashion for kids would have a very different take on it. Superman undies anyone?! Haha!
But my Little Miss Independent (also known as Mini Me) is growing up fast and her crazy attitude is kicking up a gear all the time, I wonder where on Earth she gets it from…

**On another note….I’d like to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas!
Thank you so much for your support throughout the year.
Look out for more fun, excitement and interesting stories in 2017, as always I’m sure my girls will give me plenty to write about!
Until then….eat, drink, be merry and try to be nice if you can! **

The next hurdle

My “baby” girl is about to turn two.

Where the hell did that time go?!

In the midst of tantrums (hers and ours), changing nappies, marking off milestones and lots of learning and playing, the past two years have disappeared before our very eyes.

I remember clearly the day she was born and when we brought her home.

Everything else is a bit of a blur, but in a good way.

She’s growing up fast and showing us what an independent little girl she really can be.

That is, until she doesn’t get what she wants.

But that’s another story.

We have good days and bad ones (who doesn’t?!) but I really wouldn’t change anything about her for the world.

Okay maybe I might try to tone the attitude down a little bit, but I really have myself to thank for that one, courtesy of strong genes, of course!

Even on a bad day my own mum keeps reminding me to enjoy every second of what Miss Izzie throws at us (yes, even the bad stuff) because it goes by way too fast.

As always she’s right.

But that doesn’t stop me from almost screaming the house down when Izzie spills her milk for the umpteenth time in a day (yes, today has been one of those days!).

It’s only after I watch her face change I realise I could have handled the situation better.

I guess it just keeps this parenting game fun!

Watching our little girl growing up has been quite a journey so far.

From sitting up, to crawling and then walking and running.

From smiles to giggles and full blown infectious laughter.

From cute baby babble to words here and there and now using short sentences….which we understand most of the time.

The list goes on!

Every day creates a new platform for her to spread her wings and grow her personality.

And we get to reap the benefits by watching it shine through.

Okay maybe just a little sentimental and soppy, but being a parent definitely creates a roller coaster of emotions.

You can experience the highest of highs before being plunged into the lowest of lows, all in one day!

But all that aside, it’s been a lot of fun too.

We look forward to seeing what she can do next in her new role as a big sister….exciting times ahead.

Wishing our “baby” girl a very Happy 2nd Birthday!