A different kind of normal

What day of the week is it again?
I think every day has been rolling into the next in a bit of a blur. What used to be a normal structure and routine has disappeared. Thankfully some kind of “normal”, and I use that term very very loosely, looks set to return. Woohoo! We better not break out the party streamers just yet, because if we have learnt anything over the last few months is how quickly things can change.

I think I’ve been tested as a parent more in recent weeks than ever before. I’ve learnt I’m definitely not a teacher and have zero interest in taking it up as a profession, pretty much ever! Some aspects of doing school from home haven’t been too bad but overall, it wasn’t my cup of tea. Let’s just say, I’m very much looking forward to my big girl returning to the classroom in a few days!

What is a social life anymore? Not that I really had much of a “social” life before. Not unless you count chatting to other parents at school drop off/pick up and play dates. That’s a social life right?! Not being able to go out and see friends has certainly taken its toll on everyone, from adults right through to the littlies – my girls definitely included. I think it’s quite possible I have yelled at them more in the last 2 months than ever before, I’m sure the neighbourhood probably agrees, haha! They have been seeing each other all day, every day and it shows! Constant bickering and fighting over even the silliest of things. Going back to school and kindy might actually give them a chance to miss each other again, aww! I’m hoping so anyway. If not, I think I’m completely screwed.

My girls have been pretty good at understanding why their little world has changed so much, well mostly anyway. A quick trip to grab a few groceries with them in tow (for the first time in months) the other day had me nearly dropping the f-bomb in public. Why is it as soon as you tell kids not to touch or do something, they are compelled to do the exact opposite?!! I know I’m not alone in this one! Let’s just say, I think I’ll continue to grab groceries alone in the foreseeable future. I’m not sure whether I’m overjoyed or bummed about this prospect. Plus they still don’t quite get the idea of keeping their distance from other people, although I think they’re doing better than a lot of adults out there!

On a slightly different note, it’s a special day for many out there this Sunday – Mother’s Day. It might not quite look the same for everyone this year but it’s still worth celebrating all the mums and those who fit into the role, however that may be. It holds a different meaning for so many people. For me, it reminds me of the three most important people in my life. The two beautiful little girls (yeah I know, I’m feeling sentimental so they’re beautiful instead of the usual terrors) who made me a mum and remind me on a regular basis why I am their slave…I mean the best mummy ever. They are the same right?! And I can’t not mention the person who gave me life and who listens to me whinge all the time, my amazing mum! Without her, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I haven’t been the easiest person to put up with, especially in the last three and a bit years, but I know you do it because I am the best child you have. Oh right, it’s actually because you love me!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mums, mums-to-be, step mums, the dads who might be mum as well and everyone else who fits into the “mum” category, you are all amazing! May your day be filled with love, fun and laughter, along with some good presents as well!

Crazy Times

You almost feeling like saying WTF world?

We are living in a really strange time, something that I have never seen before and many others as well, let alone our kids. I’ve never had the experience of being away from school before the term ended with no way of knowing exactly when we’ll go back. Or watching all the shops, cinemas and restaurants shutting down. And the biggest thing of all, being told by our country’s government to stay at home. It is all new and to the littlest people in our lives, it probably doesn’t fully register what’s happening. Their life, which is normally packed full of fun, good times, going out and everything else, has suddenly quietened down significantly. It’s a massive change for them, one they will adapt to probably easier than us adults, but it’s still outside their normal.

Yes, they are hearing about germs, washing hands, trying to keep our distance from other people (for them, their friends) and being home schooled. They are being told holidays and fun events are cancelled, movies aren’t on and they definitely can’t catch up with their friends for a play at the playground. It’s not the end of the world, but it certainly has an impact on them. I think I’ve heard “I’m bored” more times than I can count and this is only day one and it’s a Saturday! I think I’ve explained so many times that we can’t go anywhere and I get lots of eye rolls, so at least that’s somewhat “normal”. I’m not trying to take away from the seriousness of this pandemic, people are extremely sick and so many people are dying, it’s very scary.

I’m not going to lie, I am feeling a bit scared myself. I live with an autoimmune disease that increases my risk of becoming quite sick if I were to catch the virus. I also have family members who are at a very high risk of becoming very ill as well. We are doing our best to adhere to all the advice about reducing the risks and ensuring we stay at home as much as possible. I’m scared for what the future holds for my girls and I’m trying to make life as fun as I can for them at the moment, but it feels like I’m up against a brick wall. We are lucky to have plenty of space at home to run them ragged but man they have lots of energy!

With all the doom and gloom out there at the moment, it’s hard not to feel down and in turn reflect that on to my girls. I know I have zero control over what’s happening out there, but what I am trying to control is how that makes my girls feel. I keep telling them everything will be okay and I’m holding on to lots of hope that it will be. But it’s the unknown that makes it harder. We don’t know how long this may last for (including our home schooling sanity!) but we can only do our best. We’ll keep going like we always do. This will not last forever. One day we’ll look back and remember all the good stuff about spending lots of time together at home. Until then, try to enjoy the ride!