The finest moments

I know I’m not the best mother. I’m nowhere near perfect. I don’t ever claim to be. I yell and I scream (who doesn’t?). I probably rant and rave a fair bit too. I sometimes pretend to throw tantrums back at my children too, not necessarily because I think it’s funny or I’m trying to teach them a lesson. But because I’m frustrated by the situation as well.

As parents, yes leading by example can be a good thing. But when you’re tired or your last nerve has been fried, sometimes you just respond rather than react how you should. We are only human too. Our decisions don’t always reflect the best choice but maybe just the only choice at the time. It’s so easy to judge, whether it’s others or yourself. You’ll often find me judging myself, story of my life!

I’m sick of pretending like everything is okay when it’s not. Sure, I can fake smile with the best of them but what’s the point?
I’m tired (who isn’t?), my kids are driving me nuts and at times I’m not sure how much I like them. I’m allowed to say that. It doesn’t mean I don’t love them. It doesn’t mean they aren’t important. It means I’m human and I’m going through the ups and downs of life.

So why do we have to pretend we’re all Supermums? What does that achieve other than setting a fake precedent for the next round of women looking to raise a brood?
Yeah I know, we’re not chickens either but the way kids can carry on sometimes, it’s like being stuck in the middle of a squawking mess. I could use stronger words there but I think you get the idea!

But you are allowed to have bad days. You are allowed to be unhappy and, at times, not actually like your snotty nosed pain in the bum feral children. That doesn’t ever have to mean you don’t want them or love them….well most of the time anyway. Mum Guilt will always haunt you and it will never go away, no matter how old your children are (or so I’m told).

No one is born knowing exactly how to parent, it’s a massive learning curve and I’m happy to admit I’m still winging it every day. Explains a lot really, haha! But as I’ve said many times before my girls are still alive, so I must be doing something right! At least I try to remember that when I’m having “one of those days”, which is almost every other day some weeks. I know my girls being little will be over before I know it (thanks mum) but will the attitude ever end??!!

Baring it all



Fun bags if you prefer that term as well.

Whatever your name preference they’re still the same at the end of the day, a part of the body with a purpose.

What purpose you deem them for is really up to you.

But please get off this high horse about women feeding their children in public being such a bad thing.

It’s going to happen whether you like it or not.

Yes I’m a breastfeeding mother and I’m a bit over people carrying on about it all.

Regular readers of my blog might remember this is not the first time I’ve written (or ranted) about breastfeeding.

It’s a topic that always evokes quite a bit of response and usually not for the best or right reasons.

Come on people it’s not offensive.

Not even a little bit.

If you don’t like it, don’t look.

They’re not in your face.

In fact they’re right in the face of the little person who needs them the most.

For goodness sake, don’t stare at a breastfeeding mother in a judgmental way (or one bottle feeding either!).

If you can really help it, don’t stare at all.

And let me give you a hint, we don’t necessarily like showing our breasts for all to see.

It’s not a porn movie!

But when a baby is hungry they deserve to be fed, unless you’d rather listen to them scream.

And I’m sure there’s enough dirty looks given for that “problem” too!

Let’s be honest here, when a baby is feeding you don’t see that much anyway.

And no a baby doesn’t need to be hidden under a cover either.

Think about it would you eat your food under a blanket, especially on a hot day?

Mothers are usually dealing with enough of their own worries, especially first time Mums, so before you open your mouth, think twice.

After all she could be sleep deprived and you never know what might hit you!