Greetings of the season

Every year I sit down to write a Christmas/end of year blog post and wonder how I can possibly wrap up the year that was. Far from normal once again. Or as the common phrase seems to be these days, “the new normal”. What a year it has been, some good, some bad (my children […]

Always there

There’s nothing scarier than being a mum. Okay, maybe being taken by a shark or twisty rollercoasters might be up there, but you get what I mean. It terrifies me to think I’m responsible for two little humans. That it’s up to me to help shape their future, teach them things and help them become […]

From strength to strength

You can do this. Yes, you. I’m talking to the have been doing it for years mum, the new mum, the soon-to-be mum and everyone else out there who fulfils the parenting role. Even on those terrible, no sleep, crying your eyes, exhausting days, where you feel like a complete mess, you’ve still got this. […]

Looking forward and back again

What a year! And just like that, another year is over. Thank f#%@ing goodness! If you blinked you’ve missed it. Well not quite, but there’s days when it has certainly felt like that. It’s been another year of ups and downs. Some more moments I’d like to forget and a few bits of good thrown […]