A different kind of normal

What day of the week is it again? I think every day has been rolling into the next in a bit of a blur. What used to be a normal structure and routine has disappeared. Thankfully some kind of “normal”, and I use that term very very loosely, looks set to return. Woohoo! We better […]

Going up and down – where is the middle ground?

There are days my heart feels full and other days where it feels heavy. The strain of motherhood knows no bounds. The responsibility for the little people in my life can sometimes get a bit overwhelming. They can drive me to the brink of insanity and then just when I feel like I’m going to […]

Like mother, like daughters

My mini me’s have been at it again. What now? Oh, just the usual for a four-year-old full of attitude and her cheeky two-year-old sister who likes to copy everything she can. I’ve been told “no” and “don’t you dare mummy” more times than I dare to count. I’ve also been huffed and grunted at, […]

Baring it all

Boobs. Breasts. Fun bags if you prefer that term as well. Whatever your name preference they’re still the same at the end of the day, a part of the body with a purpose. What purpose you deem them for is really up to you. But please get off this high horse about women feeding their […]

Feeding the hunger

I’ve had enough of the boob shaming. Confused?! Well so am I! We’re now in the year 2015 and it seems breastfeeding is still very much an issue of contention. I understand that yes it can make people feel uncomfortable to see a mother nourishing her hungry baby out in the public eye. But these […]