Good times and bad

Do you ever just look at your kids and think wow what did I do to be given such angels? Pffffft nope neither do I! If it ever happens it’s usually in the five minutes they sleep peacefully….in their own beds. Ahhhhhh bliss. I’m still waiting for that five minutes. I can dream that one […]

Up, down and all around

It’s fair to say I’ve encountered a lot in my short time so far as a parent. I’ve been spewed on, pooed on, weed on and dribbled on. I’ve been scratched, bitten, pinched, poked, sat on and squashed and had my hair pulled numerous times. You name it, it’s pretty much happened, well still is […]

Trying times

Is it bad to occasionally tell your child you don’t like them? It’s always backed up by I love you, of course. But lately, things have been a bit….frustrating, to say the least. Hysterical screaming and tears are a regular occurrence in our house at the moment. You might also know them as toddler tantrums. […]

Two against one

“I’ve got this.” “I can do this.” That’s what I kept telling myself every time I thought I would lose it at a shrieking toddler or screaming baby earlier this week. After a blissful (haha) month together my lovely husband returned to work last weekend leaving me expecting the worst with our two daughters in […]

Feeding frenzy

It’s official. I’m just a milk machine again. Our latest little bundle of joy is now almost two weeks old and very much settled into the household. Miss Phoebe (yep, another girl has joined the ranks) had a quick entrance into the world surprising us all by arriving both before an anticipated induction and after […]

Testing the boundaries

You know when someone really pisses you off how you want to punch them in the face? Well you really can’t do that with a child (not that I want to either, it’s just for the benefit of description purposes). Instead you find yourself in a position where it’s more like take a deep breath, […]