Dear judgmental parents.

Yes, you.


And yes I can admit even I have my moments.

We can probably even count those that think they know everything about parenting and are yet to have children.

And there are plenty of those out there.

Just stop.

Stop judging.

Stop second guessing.

Stop acting like you know better.

There are really only two people who count when it comes to decisions about the child involved…the parents.

And they have enough on their plate without you adding your two cents worth.

Ok so maybe I’m on a pregnancy hormone fueled rant but I honestly think parenting is a tough enough gig at the best of times.

Throw in a bunch of criticism from an outsider (sometimes not so much an outsider) or a strange look from a passing spectator and you begin to question your ability at times.

We all have different ways of handling the fun of being a parent.

But ultimately the buck stops with you.

You decide what food or drink you give your child.

You choose what they wear (well on a good day).

How you want to discipline them.

The list goes on.

But funnily enough society as a whole decides whether you’re doing it all right or wrong.

If your child screams while you’re at the shops, you suddenly cop the brunt of death stares like you have just committed the worst crime in the world.

I’m not saying I enjoy the sound but a smile of sympathy goes a long way as opposed to a horrible look.

And you never know it might help calm the child down as well!

No one puts more pressure on themselves than that of a parent, especially new ones.

There is no rule book telling you how to do things.

So you’re pretty much winging your way through it and ultimately hoping to come out (alive) on the other side.

Let’s look forward to the fun times, the cheeky smiles and big achievements that kids have to offer rather than pick on all the stupid stuff that quite frankly doesn’t matter in the end.

Kids will be kids and let parents be parents, the best way they can.

End rant (haha, I’ve always wanted to say that!).

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