Wiggle wiggle wiggle woo!

Yep I’m officially a Wiggles mum.

There is definitely no turning back now.

And funnily enough I have no shame in admitting it.

Miss Izzie and I went to our first show last week and I was super excited, probably a tad more than she was.

Well it was quite an effort to purchase tickets in the first place.
They’re not kidding when they say show tickets sell like “hot potato” (haha!).

Can you tell I don’t get out much these days?!

I can pretty much applaud my child filled hermit life for knowing just about every song they performed.
And yes I was quite happily singing along too!

Okay okay I might have already known a song or two from my pre-children days. After all The Wiggles are celebrating 25 years and yes I’m no spring chicken either!

But the songs are pretty catchy, so much so that I’ve even caught my lovely husband humming a song or two (haha!). I’ve also had days where a song plays on repeat in my mind (I can just picture all you other Mums nodding in sympathy).

Damn it, I think I’ve just jinxed myself! Rock-A-Bye Your Bear anyone?!

Now if someone had told me a few years ago that the highlight of my week would be a Wiggles show, I probably would have told them where to go or possibly smacked them in the face.

Yep the days of stadium big band concerts may just be a thing of the past for this mumma.
And it puts a whole new meaning on going out to a daytime “gig”.

If I’m going to be completely honest, I was a little hesitant about seeing The Wiggles to begin with, thinking we would be stuck in a hall filled with screaming overexcited children.

It wasn’t like that all.

The atmosphere was definitely one full of excitement, but most of the “young” audience watched the stage in awe of their colourful energetic idols.

And they really do have lots of energy! All credit to them for putting on show after show and all with a smile too!
Mind you if I was raking in as much cash as these guys probably do I’d be pretty cheerful too!

But I was super proud to watch Miss Izzie get into the spirit of things by singing and dancing along with her favourite performers. It was kind of adorable and yes I’m a little biased.

And she did look really cute dressed up as a mini version of Emma Wiggle, complete with a few bows, awwwwww! I couldn’t help myself….

The show may have lasted just under an hour but has left an everlasting impression on our mini wiggle.
I swear she has asked a few times each day since if we’re going to The Wiggles again.

We’ll definitely go see them again but I’m not ready for the stress of buying tickets again……not just yet anyway!

Ready, steady, wiggle….oh shit, here we go again! (Haha)

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