I’ve had enough of the boob shaming.


Well so am I!

We’re now in the year 2015 and it seems breastfeeding is still very much an issue of contention.

I understand that yes it can make people feel uncomfortable to see a mother nourishing her hungry baby out in the public eye.

But these women are not naked. This is not a sexual thing, it’s feeding a child.

It seems it’s okay for women to walk around in low cut clothing with their breasts almost falling out, but as soon as a mother goes to feed her child, it’s a different story!

Most feeding mothers are very discreet and it’s rare that you’ll see much of her breast, if anything at all, while a child is fed.

I’m sick of hearing things like how women should cover up while feeding or go to a bathroom, particularly in an eating establishment.

I don’t think eating food in the toilet is hygienic for a start.

And if you’ve ever tried to cover a feeding child (yes I have!), most don’t like the idea and will squirm and carry on, in turn creating more fuss than a simple feed to begin with.

Yes I do know that not all women are discreet and some might just leave their boob flopping in the breeze for all to see once their child is fed.

But that’s not everyone and maybe you shouldn’t be looking.

I understand it’s like a car crash and you can’t look away but maybe have a little self control?

If you haven’t worked it out already this is a topic I’m very passionate about, having already breastfed one child (many times in public!) and with plans to do it again with the arrival of the next one!

And don’t even get me started on the problems some bottle feeding mums encounter!

Thankfully I’m yet to encounter any problems while out feeding and I hope I never do because that person will certainly feel the shame!

It’s a natural part of life.
And I think sometimes people forget that it can be just as uncomfortable for a nursing mother to have eyes watching as it is for her to bare herself to feed her child.

I know at times for me it wasn’t always the most ideal situation to be in, but a hungry child always beats a case of vanity any day!

And let’s face it, all traces of vanity are left at the door when you give birth anyway.

So why does a feed direct from the most natural source possible create so much uproar?

Not all babies will drink from a bottle so you can’t expect a mother to pump feeds in advance. Nor does any baby stick to a specifically timed feeding schedule, especially newborns, they eat when they’re hungry.

You know when a baby is crying to be fed, it doesn’t give up easily.

Think about how cranky you can be when you’re hungry, it’s not a pleasant feeling.

So next time you see a mother breastfeeding her child and you feel a little uncomfortable, why not try a few different options:

-Look away if it really bothers you.

-Don’t look at her breasts but rather smile at her face.

-Or if you really don’t like it, do everyone a favour and stick a bag over your head!

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