When are you having the next one?

And by that I mean a baby of course.

Although if someone asked when I was having the next piece of chocolate, there would be none left by the time they finished the sentence.

But in all seriousness…..It seems to be a popular question for me these days (asking about the next baby I mean).

Our darling daughter is just a couple of months off being one-and-a-half and I would love nothing more than to give her a sibling.

But I don’t get what everyone else is in such a hurry for.

Yes I know I’m not getting any younger. The changing colour of my hair, cracking bones and worry lines already tell me that.

I’ve found it’s all somewhat quite a vicious cycle.

One minute you’re engaged and being asked when you’re getting married.

You tie the knot and the baby questions start flying.

No sooner do you hear the pitter patter of tiny feet and everyone’s wondering where the next one is.

Yeah yeah I know that’s life.

Oh the irony.

I know I can’t talk, I’m guilty of asking friends the same questions.

But it’s not quite the same as having it come back at you rapid fire style.

It’s got me thinking, what do people ask about once you’ve finished having kids?

How’s the weather?

Must get a bit boring….

Life is a funny circle of events and we wouldn’t be human without a constant need to know about other people’s lives.

Again I know I can’t talk, I’ve been asking lots of questions since I was little.
It was a skill that came in quite handy working as a journalist.

But I think there’s some topics that require a little….shall we say….tact.

You know, remove your foot from your mouth before you speak.

I’m sure, no matter what, the baby question will still remain a popular topic for the foreseeable future.

Don’t worry, whenever we decide to add to our little family, I’m sure you’ll be the first (or last) to know.

Now pass me the chocolate….

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  1. Hahaha, I think I asked that question not long ago. Yes the next question is ‘how are the kids? etc…lol

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