Do you ever just look at your kids and think wow what did I do to be given such angels? Pffffft nope neither do I! If it ever happens it’s usually in the five minutes they sleep peacefully….in their own beds. Ahhhhhh bliss. I’m still waiting for that five minutes. I can dream that one day it’ll happen!

The joys of parenting are never ending. You worry if they’re too hot or too cold. You worry they’re going to axe themselves when they start running at a million miles per hour on hard ground. Soft skin on little arms and legs doesn’t take too kindly to rocks, concrete or even dry grass it seems. I’m sure it’ll toughen them up in some way right?!

The fun I’m facing right now involves the constant battle to get each other in trouble. There’s snatching of toys, hitting, ear piercing screams and tears plus many cries of “mummy, mummy, mummy” followed by accusations of things that haven’t happened just to cause more trouble. And it’s not always who you first think as the instigator either!! It’s a case of can’t you two just get along? They do for awhile and it can be cute to watch but it’s almost like an invisible hand flicks a switch and a treasured toy is taken causing the outbreak of another sibling war, it’s just awesome.

I swear I heard Miss Phoebe, who isn’t even two yet, ask me “why” when I was talking to her recently. I knew this day would come but I’m not ready for two children asking me why of everything just yet. It’s enough they’re competing to get all of mummy to themselves, I’m not sure I can handle hearing double cries of why? I think my head might explode, haha!

But kids know exactly when to push your buttons. They have a knack for working out when your defences are down and boom they pounce, usually teaming up together for an extra boost as well. And it sounds terrible but sometimes I love being able to dish out a bit of punishment in return. Confiscating toys or even reneging on a promise after they do something wrong, you almost can’t help but laugh at their reaction. I must admit I do give in occasionally. It’s the quivering lip and puppy dog eyes that get me!

I’m not always nice mummy though. It can be little things, big things and sometimes nothing at all. But it’s when they don’t listen that I get a little frustrated. I just love repeating myself, said no mother ever. Not to mention saying things in slow motion as you repeat them to the child who has said “what?” to the message you are trying to get across to them. Grrrrrrrr! If you listen the first time….we all know that will never happen!!
As I’ve said many times before (talk about repeating myself, haha) even though they drive me crazy, I would be lost without my babies, they are my world. I don’t want to scream, yell or get angry with them but sometimes you just have to do it and maybe quietly cry about it later. The things we mummas have to do are endless but I guess it’s all part of the journey or motherhood.

But there was one moment recently that definitely made me smile and it’s not the first time my girls have done it either. As I watched then playing together….nicely too…they started giggling, clearly having a great time and without hesitation they hugged. The sister bond they share is not one I will ever know but it makes me glad to know they will always have each other to lean on.

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