We have a head banger on our hands.

And I don’t mean of the musical variety.

Although there are days she likes to bop along to music.

Nope unfortunately this head banging is focussed on the floor, furniture or my collarbone.

And many times takes place soon after the word “no” is aimed in her direction.

Thanks to good old Google (and my mum) my mind is reassured that, of course, this behaviour can be quite normal.

Kids, particularly toddlers, are funny little creatures, using great lengths to vent their frustration or grab attention.

Although I may find myself in many a situation (and there’s been plenty in the past), where I want to bash my head against a wall, it doesn’t materialize into the real thing.

But in true form, it doesn’t stop there.

There’s a myriad of things that kids like to do that often leave us adults scratching our heads.

Along with the head banging, we often watch as our darling daughter throws herself on the ground.

Not in a fire drill drop and roll kind of way, but in a ‘I’m going to carry on because I’m not getting what I want kind of way’.

One minute she’s on her feet, the next on the floor, head down and legs going every which way.

Sometimes I struggle to hold the laughter in and other times I can feel my blood boiling.

And just to keep things more interesting or entertaining, if that’s a way of perceiving it, our darling daughter also likes to stick a finger up her nose.

She’s not “picking” her nose but rather discovering she can indeed put her finger in there.

And sigh or face palm.

I guess it certainly makes her human.

Don’t even get me started on the other parts of her body she has discovered, especially at nappy changing time (I’m sure you get the picture).

And while as adults we may find these actions odd, weird, strange and so on, it’s all part of growing up and self discovery.

Or testing, pushing and frustrating the hell out of your parents probably sounds better!

And I keep hearing “this is only the beginning…….”

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  1. You will be fine, when the next one comes along you might know a few things but let me tell you every child is different. You both have done an amazing job with Izzy keep it up x

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