Teething, dirty nappies, lack of sleep.

If you’re already turning away in disgust, chances are you don’t have children.

Otherwise you’re probably nodding in sympathy, that or you’re so worn out your body doesn’t function properly anymore.

The joys of parenthood!

I’m mummy to one-year-old Isabella.
Note how I didn’t say, my name is Sheree, I’m a writer or I love to dance when no one’s watching.

Nope my new title is Isabella’s mummy.
I barely hear my name anymore, my husband and I even call each other mummy and daddy in the hope our little lady catches on.

Lots of things have changed: watching tv is rare before night time; cleaning and housework are more difficult; forget about going to the toilet in peace and making an idiot of myself for cute giggles is a daily occurrence.

But funnily enough I love it, I don’t know any different anymore and I wouldn’t change what I have for anything.

It’s almost like you sign a contract when you become a parent, one that does away with your old life and turns you into a super role model because you become responsible for shaping a new life.

And despite all the bad stuff: lack of sleep, dirty nappies, tantrums and so on, deep down you know you secretly love it!

Until next time,
Isab….I mean, Sheree

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