I’m about to join the school mum crew. Not sure whether to go woohoo or flatly say “wooo”. After spending weeks preparing and dealing with uniforms, books, bags and thinking about school lunches, it’s time to let Miss Izzie loose in the school world. I’m cool with it, well I like to think so anyway.

She’s definitely ready and as excited as a kid devouring a whole cake, she’s been counting down for weeks! But the reality is, she is definitely become her own little personality and there’s no stopping her now. Not that I want to of course. Maybe slow things down a little, because I swear she was only a toddler five seconds ago! Because as we all know, growing up comes with its own bag of “fun”. Defiance, attitude, ignorance, among many other things! I can only imagine how much is going to change just over the coming months.

But that’s a whole other story in itself!

I can’t wait to watch her walk proudly through the school gate with the uniform and bag to match much bigger than her petite frame. And then into her classroom, sit down at the little desk and wait to arm herself with a whole lot of new information. And I can already hear her excitement at the end of day one, telling me all about her first day.

She surprises me regularly, always wanting to learn and quizzing me on words, letters, numbers and other varying topics, that sometimes I admit I have to ask good old Google because this Mumma doesn’t have a clue what the answer is. I know I’m smarter than the average bear on some things, others not so much!

What I’m not looking forward to is any questions on my least favourite subject: maths.
I’d avoid that devil if I could. Hence the chosen word-driven career path instead. Maths was my least favourite subject at school and I still maintain that algebra has served me no purpose in life, until this point anyway. I may need some strength in the coming years with the maths questions that will surely be coming at me like a tonne of bricks…any takers out there? Haha!

It’s exciting now but I know it won’t take long before I’ll be sick of washing school uniforms and trying to work out what the hell to make for school lunches yet again. But for now I’m trying to encompass the excitement my big girl is mustering up. I don’t want that excitement to fade, although I give her a couple of weeks before the shine wears off a little bit.

I may look composed on the outside but on the inside another part of me saddens at my baby growing up, another milestone reached and surpassed. It’s not the end of the world but it’s a moment you know you’ll never have again. Well until it’s her little sister’s turn in two years, I’m sure that’ll be here before we know it!

To all the other first time school mums out there this year, try not to be sad, enjoy this moment because I have a feeling that in years to come we’ll be pushing them through the school gate as fast as possible (haha!). Oh who I am kidding?! Shed those tears if you need to, it’s probably the last chance you’ll have at doing something that won’t embarrass them in public!

Until next time….smile no matter what, it keeps everyone guessing!

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