Right now I could crawl into bed and stay there for days.

Yes that’s right I’ve been fortunate (or unfortunate if that’s how you look at it) enough to catch the virus that my lovely daughter decided was good enough to share.

The big difference is that she was her usual cheeky self throughout and I feel like I’ve been hit by a bus!

Not to mention she’s completely healthy again while I’ve bounced around from slightly sick to almost healthy and then it completely knocked me for six and down I went.

But like most other mums out there I continue to soldier on; cleaning, cooking, doing the washing and of course playing; despite how I feel.

Now if this was a man who was sick (and yes I’m about to hear the male population groan) it would be a different story.

Now I’m not saying it’s all men, just a portion of them. (Some women are probably like this too.)

They would get all the rest they need, while acting like the world was going to end because their head hurts and they’re sick of blowing their nose.

Now I’m not saying I’m easy to live with while I’m sick, my husband will certainly agree with that, but it would be nice to curl up in the corner and hope that everything would sort itself out.

But I think despite my groaning, I’ve resigned myself to the idea that just like my mum, her mum and the many generations before them, I will continue to soldier on and on and on…

Because let’s face it, with a one-year-old, the idea of rest just goes out the window unless of course you’re a ma… massive fan of trying to sleep with a child climbing all over you 😉
(And you thought I was about to target men again!)

Stay healthy (or try to) and keep smiling, at least that’s what I’m telling myself!

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