It’s the most wonderful time of the year, right?! It kind of is and isn’t at the same time. It’s wonderful to hang out with friends and family and enjoy everything the festive season brings. It’s not so kind to the hip pocket. But it’s times like this you try not to think about it because it’s all about the giving and receiving and of course the kids. Maybe the big kids at heart too. Every year I say I’m not the Grinch or Scrooge but I know I have my moments! Who doesn’t?!

It’s a happy, stressful and exciting time all mixed into one, especially with kids in the mix. I think I’ve heard the phrase “I want…” said about a million times in the last month and that’s only a slight exaggeration! Haha! Oh to be a kid again, without a care or worry except what Santa will deliver for Christmas. There are times when I miss those days, it was so much easier than this adulting business. Throw the role of parent on top of that and life just gets so much more “fun”.

It is fun to share in the excitement of Christmas with my girls. We have our own yearly traditions that we make sure we do every December. I still jump in on the Santa photo, I think it’s because I’m the buffer between the girls and the big scary…I mean jolly…guy in the red suit. Haha! Plus it means someone else is taking a photo of the three of us which isn’t me holding the phone on an awkward angle to fit us all in! We also make sure we get out and see as many Christmas light displays as we can, they (yes me too!) love it! And every Christmas Eve, we leave food out for Santa and the reindeer and read our selection of Christmas-themed books. It’s getting better as the girls now read them to me, so cute! Throw in a few random Christmas carols (they love Mariah Carey on repeat, save me!) and we have most of the festive season covered.

But the one thing that’s getting more and more difficult every year is the presents. These kids want for nothing. I don’t give them everything under the sun (others may disagree) but they still have so much stuff. And of course parting with anything is like pulling teeth. They suddenly discover a new use for a toy that’s been hiding for the last six months. Then of course the new stuff comes into the mix and all the old is discarded again. Anyway back to the buying of presents. I’ve found this year somewhat harder than previous years. I think with the girls getting older and even closer to discovering the truth, I’m trying to keep the magic there as long as I can. Deciding what’s from mummy and what Santa delivers, does my head in. Anyone want to do it for me? Haha!

In the whole scheme of things, none of it really matters right?! It’s about the thought that goes in to it, the love it gives and the meaning behind it. At least that’s what I’ll keep telling myself to get through it all. Throw in some wine and all will be sweet, haha! Deep down I love Christmas, I just don’t let on that I do, I need to keep up the Grinch façade as long as possible, hehe! On that note, time to wrap some presents. However you celebrate at this time of year, make it a good one and enjoy your time with family and friends. Have a very Merry Christmas and here’s hoping 2022 brings us all something amazing!

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  1. Wow reading this took me on a journey! From my favourite childhood memories, forward to my least favourite but most important parental duties!! I wish I had the opportunity to have read this Christmas Eve to pull life back into perspective! You have such a way with words that invite the most wonderful feelings into play, and respectfully pulls the grumpy adult way of thinking back to the grass roots of what it all should be about!! Thank you Sheree you are truely inspirational, I look forward to watching this space!!

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