To say I’m slack in keeping up with my blog is an understatement of epic proportions. But alas, here is my latest masterpiece, if that’s what you want to call it…

Does it get any easier? I ask myself this very question every time one of my girls pushes my buttons for what feels like the umpteenth time in a day. So, I’m pretty much repeating myself over and over again. Pretty ironic really, given the nature of the role! That’s parenting in a nutshell. As always my mind just went to the Austin Powers movies…if you know what I’m talking about, you know!

Anyway, I think I often forget about what it’s like to be a kid. It was a long time ago. If you ask my girls I grew up in the midst of the olden days. I didn’t realise I was nearing the ripe old age of 100, thanks girls, haha! But to be fair, a lot has changed in the 30 years since I was a little kid, well close to how old my girls are anyway (now I am showing my age and suddenly feeling very old!). Kids today are experiencing so many changes in the world that we never did. Covid anyone?! The worst illness I remember worrying about when I was a kid was chicken pox and our parents wanted us to catch it, just to get it out of the way. No one “wants” to catch/be struck down with Covid!

Social media is another big factor influencing our lives, when everything is out there and there really are no secrets anymore. I didn’t get my first mobile phone until I was 17 and I have my girls asking me now when they’ll get a phone. My response is always the same, when you actually need one and not a for a veeerrrryyyy loooonnng time! Today’s world is definitely a different dimension to what I grew up in. I know things have advanced, especially in terms of technology, which makes me wonder what the future looks like for this generation. Will they be completely out of touch with reality given how much change they have already been through in such a short space of time? Considering the amount of scary things happening in the world because of technology advancement and social media, I’d like to keep my girls away from some of it as long as I possibly can.

I know they have to forge their own path and learn from their own mistakes, but we all know there are some things in life, especially bullying, that no one needs. I can only hope that neither of my girls are ever responsible for bullying someone else either and that I have instilled the right attitude and morals in that regard. I openly admit I am far from perfect, both as a person and a parent, but I always do my best and my girls are still thriving at this point in time. Ask me again next week, when they have managed to tick me off about five billion million times. Just using one of their many over exaggerated number phrases.

While I may sound like I talk about all the crazy things with my girls, I am also super proud of them both and their achievements. They’re sassy, beautiful and full of attitude, but I know they’re going to use it all to go far in this crazy world. I can’t wait to see what they have ahead of them. But for now, let me go and deal with the latest “drama”, it’s only the ten millionth for the day.

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