Good times and bad

Do you ever just look at your kids and think wow what did I do to be given such angels? Pffffft nope neither do I! If it ever happens it’s usually in the five minutes they sleep peacefully….in their own beds. Ahhhhhh bliss. I’m still waiting for that five minutes. I can dream that one […]

Looking from the outside in

You never really know what type of mum you are going to be until you’re living the role. And even then, you’ll still find yourself all over the place. Because kids are unpredictable. There’s no manual, no rule book and definitely no remote control! Although that would make some things a lot easier to deal […]

Timing isn’t always everything

Is there ever a good time in life to do anything?? Or do you keep waiting for the “right” time? Life is a roller coaster of highly anticipated events. From the moment you’re born, you go through your multitude of first achievements, head off to school, maybe study further and then launch yourself into a […]

The spoken word

Apparently I’m daddy/dada. Mind you, so is the toy bunny, television and most other people. Our darling daughter has decided it’s her word of choice…for now. Let’s just say I’m definitely not ready for “no”!! While it may sound cute hearing daddy on repeat, there are times when I long to hear the word mummy. […]