Up, down and all around

It’s fair to say I’ve encountered a lot in my short time so far as a parent. I’ve been spewed on, pooed on, weed on and dribbled on. I’ve been scratched, bitten, pinched, poked, sat on and squashed and had my hair pulled numerous times. You name it, it’s pretty much happened, well still is […]

Speaking in tongues

Oh bwee ab a bop ah op oo eeee. Did you get all that? Nope me either but I hear it (or quite a variation of it) daily. Miss Izzie loves a chat and I love listening to my little chatterbox. But man I wish I could interpret some of her words of wisdom. It […]

The spoken word

Apparently I’m daddy/dada. Mind you, so is the toy bunny, television and most other people. Our darling daughter has decided it’s her word of choice…for now. Let’s just say I’m definitely not ready for “no”!! While it may sound cute hearing daddy on repeat, there are times when I long to hear the word mummy. […]

A change of dialogue

I’ve been known to drop a few swear words in my life. Okay so maybe more than a few. But I had some good teachers. There’s been many stories shared over the years. But one that sticks in my mind involves me sitting on the front fence and showing off my fine verbal skills to […]