Today was a day of achievement, we finished the Christmas shopping!!

And with just over a week to go until Christmas Day, I’m thanking my lucky stars.

It may be one day a year, but it’s a day that sends us all into a frenzied buying panic in the weeks leading up to December 25.

And if I’ve just reminded you that you’re fast running out of shopping days, I’m going to also say the shops are only going to get busier….good luck with that!

I’ve always loved the excitement of Christmas and this year feels that little bit more exciting with a cheeky one-year-old in tow.

Not that she has any idea what’s going on.

She keeps pointing at the Christmas tree, which for the first two weeks she was pulling decorations off and throwing like tennis balls.

But now she’s discovered there’s presents under the tree….mummy definitely needs eyes in the back of her head!

In keeping with the Christmas spirit we made the trek to see Santa a couple of weeks ago.

It didn’t go so well!

Last year she was the perfect angel, didn’t bat an eyelid, at all! At just a couple of months old our little darling slept through her first Santa photo.

This year was definitely the exact opposite.

As Santa made his way back to his chair, ringing a bell, Miss Izzie was all smiles and watching intently.

As soon as we got within two feet of the jolly man in the red suit, there were tears.

Santa went in for a high five, there were more tears, the same deal when he offered to hand over the bell.

So in order to get our prized photo, I did the same thing my own beautiful mum did for me with my Santa photos when I was little, I jumped in too and joined our very own little Rudolph.

It seems the apple did not fall far from the tree on this one!

Fingers crossed next year’s photo has a better outcome!

I’m hoping my excitement for the festive season passes on to my gorgeous girl and I look forward to when she wants to look at Christmas light displays with me.

I also can’t wait to unwrap her presents next week…because let’s face it she will only want to rip the paper and play with the boxes!

Reflecting on recent national and international events, this is one of those times of year where family really comes into its own.

Keep the hugs rolling and continue to make happy memories, with a thought for those going through tough times.

Good luck with the last minute present shopping if you’re yet to battle the crowds!

Now I’m just going to check whether the presents need to be re-wrapped…

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