It pays to ask the tough questions

Are you okay? It’s three little words with so much meaning. Once upon a time, I really wasn’t okay. The kind of okay where I was questioning if I wanted to be here anymore. Even just typing that brings up so many raw emotions. It’s still hard to believe that thought passed through my mind, […]

Depth of change

Just something a little different…. Who am I? The cheeky response would be Sheree, of course. But I often wonder if I am anymore. Since becoming a mum, that’s what my label has been. First Izzie’s mum. Then it became Izzie’s and Phoebe’s mum. Don’t get me wrong, I love being their mum (on a […]

Looking from the outside in

You never really know what type of mum you are going to be until you’re living the role. And even then, you’ll still find yourself all over the place. Because kids are unpredictable. There’s no manual, no rule book and definitely no remote control! Although that would make some things a lot easier to deal […]