A Sentence of Epic Proportions

“You don’t love me mummy”. And just like a knife to the heart, I had these words thrown at me recently. Well yelled repeatedly. I could have cried. But for once I kept my cool and stayed calm (miracle, I know!). Because as much as it hurt for my beautiful five-year-old to utter those words, […]

Talking the talk

You have to love the lies we tell ourselves about our own children. Before they’re born and you see a friend’s offspring or a kid at the shops throwing a ridiculous tantrum over nothing you say, ‘oh my child won’t do that’. After they’re born and you’re still stuck in that newborn haze, you can’t […]

Trying times

Is it bad to occasionally tell your child you don’t like them? It’s always backed up by I love you, of course. But lately, things have been a bit….frustrating, to say the least. Hysterical screaming and tears are a regular occurrence in our house at the moment. You might also know them as toddler tantrums. […]