New beginnings

What a year it’s been! One of ups and downs but I can definitely say I’m ready to farewell 2015! It was a year that brought us a new ray of sunshine in the form of our second beautiful little girl Phoebe. But it was also a year that brought illness and sadly even a […]

A moment of reflection

Life sure is different these days. Both good and bad. When I became a mother I feel like I said goodbye to a big part of me. Don’t get me wrong I love being a mum to my two beautiful girls, but I do miss aspects of my pre-baby life. Aside from the fact I […]

A different route

Need a new way to test your stress levels? Take your almost two-year-old on a 1500km (that’s just one way) road trip and stay with relatives for a couple of weeks. That’ll get your blood pumping. Throw in crazy pregnancy hormones and you’re heading down a one-way path to disaster. Okay, so it wasn’t world-ending […]