A moment of reflection

It’s true that I don’t often take the time to think about the good stuff. I know there’s plenty of it. Well, I like to hope there is anyway. I always find a way to highlight everything that goes wrong instead. Thanks negative brain! But there are two little people in my life that I should probably recognise as massive achievements. They do undertake a lot of questionable behaviour at times, but otherwise they’re mostly good kids, when they want to be of course! Admittedly, I’m not always the best mum to be around either. But no one is perfect right?!

It’s no secret I’ve never really been nailing this mum gig. Yes, I am my own worst enemy on that front, but there is a lot of truth to it. Lately I’ve been struggling a bit more than I probably care to admit. Both as a mum and in life in general. I don’t say this because I want everyone to feel sorry for me. In fact, the complete opposite, to show that it’s okay to talk about our failures and weaknesses, even if it doesn’t always paint us in the greatest light. I often talk (and joke) about swearing at my girls. I know, it doesn’t make me the greatest parent and I really should stop it, but as always, it’s easier said than done. Lately, it’s felt even trickier as they have found all the buttons to push. It certainly doesn’t help when they throw the swear words right back at me too. It’s actually kind of funny (occasionally, okay a lot of the time!), but I know I shouldn’t encourage that either! I’ve been reminded I’m supposed to be the parent, but it’s tricky when they absolutely nail the context, haha!

As I continue to navigate my way through this crazy world of parenting, one of the things that it’s getting harder to get used to is their growing independence. That feeling where they no longer need as much of me. Sometimes they still do, other times they don’t. I know it’s all part of growing up, but man it can be a bitter pill to swallow. While they are definitely thriving (I think…I hope?!), I’m still here to provide guidance as best I can, swearing and all!

Look being a parent is no joke (it can be funny though, both for you and the kids), but at the moment I’m sure we can all do with as many laughs as possible. I’m certainly not complaining here, but a few days of home schooling this past week has well and truly shown me that I was never destined to be a teacher, so luckily it’s not the career path I ever wanted. How my best friend and many others like her can manage to keep it together in a classroom full of kids and not lose their you know what, I will never know. I take my hat off to you all. I think I’ll definitely stick with the writing, haha!

I guess despite all my rambling…yes I know I’m very good at it….it’s important to know that it’s okay to not be okay and have bad moments as a parent. We all make mistakes and no one is perfect. If you are or think you are, good luck to you but I’m proud to admit I’m hopeless and clueless at the best of times, but I fumble (yell, swear and all the rest) my way through as best I can. I know I’m never going to be the perfect mum, but to my girls, I can only hope they see me as the best mum they’ll have…ever!

Two different paths

If anyone ever asks me to describe my two girls, I would have to use the old line of chalk and cheese. While there’s no mistaking they are sisters – blonde hair, blue eyes, dimple in their chin (sorry girls, it’s in the genetic line up), very tall in height and big feet (again sorry girls, welcome to my world!), when it comes to other characteristics they are definitely their own individual character. Which in my book, there is absolutely nothing wrong with. I’m glad they aren’t exactly the same, but it does make me laugh at how different they can be.

Take Miss Izzie. She’s my big girl, turning 8 this year and very much thinks she’s the boss of pretty much everyone. Well, she tries to be anyway. She’s switched on, mostly good with cleaning up when I ask and definitely full of some serious attitude, which is slowly sucking the life out of me!!! She’s a beautiful and sweet kid and does worry a lot about others. A gentle nature mixed with a nosy one at the same time. But she’s also very much a princess and likes to cause trouble for her sister resulting in her taking up the foetal position on the floor trying to stop the blows. Don’t worry, I do step in!!

Then we have Miss Bruiser…I mean Miss Phoebe. As my baby, she’s staring down the barrel of turning 6 (nooooo! Haha!). While she comes across as a bit of a tough nut most of the time, she can also trip over thin air if not paying enough attention (face palm time!). She’s sweet one minute and then pretty much the devil the next. While many might say this is a younger child attention seeking thing, I’d say it’s partly right (said by another younger child) but also her way of standing up for herself when needed. She’s definitely not interested in cleaning up (drives me insane as she makes more of the mess) and she’s less dramatic than her sister…sometimes. She can also be the cuddliest and cutest kid, which just melts my heart.

As with most siblings, they both like to dob each other in every chance they get. Not that I pay any attention to the theatrics when this takes place. It’s hard playing the referee sometimes, especially when you have watched everything going down. I don’t play favourites…well I try not to anyway…but I get accused of it all the time by my big girl. Then they have moments of brilliance, where they play together like the best of friends. It’s awesome to watch…until it’s not, haha! Being a parent is so much fun, said no parent ever.

It will certainly be interesting to watch which direction their lives head in given their personalities now. I know there’s a few things they will grow out of, a lot more fighting and hair pulling still to come and likely moments where they will love each other and hate me more, so many fun times ahead. What I do know is I wouldn’t change anything for the world…not today anyway!

The generational divide

I’m feeling kind of grateful my girls aren’t a little older….just yet. Otherwise they’d realise how “uncool” their mumma is. That’s right, you read that correctly! According to some Gen Z youngsters (yep, may as well throw the digs in where necessary) I’m part of a really old generation (Millennials) because we put a side part in our hair and I’m thinking the mum bun is probably frowned upon too. Apparently we also use the laugh/cry emoji and that is so olddddd and really not cool! Lucky I have never squeezed myself into skinny jeans either, because that is also another dead giveaway of my super old generation.

I feel even more old now because I think I must have missed something. Since when are we listening to those that think they know everything about the world and deserve everything handed to them on a silver platter?! I don’t think so. I guess we all go through stages of righteousness as we’re growing up. Moments where we think the whole world sucks and we get nothing that we want. You know, ever! I see glimpses of it in my girls already. Face palm moment right there! I’m the parent, so I’m to blame really. But when is the point of taking some accountability for yourself and your own actions? I know my girls are only 5 and 7, so I can’t really expect too much from them right now, but I’d like to know the turning point. Please be soon, haha!

Another thing that seems to have disappeared off the face of the Earth is respect. Respect for those older than you. Respect for those who are your equals. Just respect in general, seems to have gone out the window. I’m not perfect, far from it. But I still ensure the respect is there for the many generations who came before mine. Respect for those who are walking alongside me in my generation and I’m doing my best to respect those younger than me, despite their lack of returning the gesture. I’m also doing my best to instil the ideals of respect in my girls. It kind of feels a lot like a lost cause at the moment but I’m still trying.

Really, I think I could write a book on the many aspects of generational differences I see all the time. I do my best to teach my girls as much as I can about manners, respect, looking after themselves and more, as I’m sure many other parents do. But it’s how much they absorb and are actually willing to do that makes a big difference. I feel everyone lives with some degree of self-entitlement in a way, we are only human after all. It’s what you do with it that makes the biggest difference.

Even though I may call them spoilt and occasionally they can be quite rude, I know I’m pretty lucky with the behaviour I see from my girls. Even as toddlers they had the odd “moment” out in public but thankfully never threw themselves on the ground in a fit of rage. I probably would have pretended they weren’t mine anyway and walked away, haha! I think some of the biggest adjustments in attitude now are down to age, and dare-I-say-it, potentially hormones. I think I’m going to need all the strength in the world when we hit the teens. But for now, they can stay my sort of still cute and cuddly but temperamental ratbags.

Oh well, it must be time for me to put a side part in my hair, tuck the rest up in a mum bun and see who I can try to annoy with some laugh/cry emojis. I’m definitely giving the skinny jeans a miss though, no one needs to see that, haha! Seriously though, the younger generation needs to get a new hobby, who cares what those of a little bit “older” and definitely wiser look like and do…maybe you guys should take a little look at yourselves first. Snap! I’m probably too old to be saying that too!

Preparing for battle

It’s amazing how quickly kids get bored when they are forced to stay at home. They do have a million toys to play with (especially when we’ve just had Christmas) and books to read, shows to watch and access to a pretty decent yard with swings, a trampoline and a swimming pool. But no, out come those two little words that makes parents sigh inside and out every time, “I’m bored”. How?! How can you be so bored when you have so much you can do?!

Apparently things are more fun when we leave the house. I beg to differ. Things are more “fun” if I leave the house on my own. Well, they’re definitely easier anyway. I remember the days when all I needed was my keys, wallet and phone and I headed out the door. Now, I have to make sure everyone has been to the toilet (myself included) that everyone has shoes on and to keep the peace that my girls have something for the car trip, even if it’s only 5 minutes! Not to mention making sure we at least have some water as someone always ends up thirsty! Insert eye roll here.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my girls. But…there’s always a but, isn’t there? But sometimes (here’s a shocker!), they drive me crazy. I could use stronger words, of course. No matter what, they still come back to me again and again and again, so I can’t be the “worst mother ever” like I’ve heard muttered a few times. I know I have my moments. Who doesn’t?!

Each day seems to start off so well. It’s like the universe wants to lull me into a false sense of security. My girls are so nice and sweet. I really should know by now, it won’t last. It never does. Sometimes the peace can last for an hour but some days, it’s lucky if it’s five minutes. I know if I’ve already used an f-bomb in less than five minutes of waking ups, the rest of the day isn’t looking so good.

I know one day I’ll miss the craziness, the noise, the yelling over silly stuff and generally all-round the relatively easy stage that we’re currently in. I know I should lap up every moment and enjoy it all. It’s not always that simple. I’m human too. I have ups and downs and I’m allowed to not like what’s happening in front of me. I’m allowed to not want to be mummy for five minutes. I don’t want to skip ahead and miss things but sometimes it would be nice to fast forward through all the bad stuff!

Soon, my babies won’t be so little anymore. They’re already 5 and 7 going on 21 some days! I often wonder what happened to my teeny babies with the two little (almost giant) people standing in their place. I miss some aspects of the baby/toddler years and there is plenty I don’t miss – nappies, teething and floor thumping tantrums, just to name a few. In just two short weeks, another chapter begins with my baby starting school. I’m so excited to see what she can achieve but I’m also a little sad as I no longer have my weekday lunch/shopping buddy anymore. It’s all come around very quickly, I kept thinking it was still ages away. Time really does fly and you can’t stop it or slow it down. While the days and nights feel like forever sometimes, the weeks, months and years are much shorter than we think. Take it all in but don’t forget you are allowed to have your moment of weakness, just don’t let the kids see it or all hell breaks loose!

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Growing up is hard to do

I never thought I’d admit I miss my girls as babies. Yes they cried, needed me for everything and quite often I had no idea what they actually wanted (so not much has changed then!) but together we got through it. Don’t get me wrong I love them as the crazy, attitude riddled individuals they have become (not all the time, maybe most of the time or even just some of the time), but sometimes I swear they were easier to deal with as a baby. Obviously I would never, ever have said that at the time. But now, it’s a different story. They talk back, give me attitude, they go feral and they only hear what they want, which is always the complete opposite of what I actually said. Yes, for those of you living with teenage girls, I know I’m not there yet, but I’ve already had a glimpse of that with my partner’s daughters and I’m happy to stay in this current phase with my girls….for now, just for the time being. Or maybe we can just hit rewind and find the happy medium, whatever or whenever that actually was! Feels like a lifetime ago.

I’m really selling this for any new mums or soon-to-be mums of little girls out there. I won’t lie…much, I promise, haha. Little girls can be a handful too. It’s not all sunshine and butterflies or pretty dresses and hairstyles. You might have a fleeting moment of that. Hold on to it dearly, it will get you through the tough times, the tantrums or the emotional meltdowns over I don’t even know what or why. Some days even I cry for no reason, because I don’t know what the hell is going on! Haha! Is there ever a good stage?! One where everyone is content and happy and nice to each other? Does it exist or am I dreaming? Look I know it’s not all bad, but some days all I do is swear and hope for the best, that we will actually survive the day.

I know one day I’ll look back and think how fast it all went and how all the “hard stuff” was really nothing after all. But right now, it doesn’t always seem like it. If only there was that elusive parenting manual that told you exactly what your child needed and when; how much they would change or even when you have done something right for them (does it happen?!). We’d all be perfect parents. Haha, there’s no such thing and if you think you are, well good luck to you! It’s not always an easy job, it’s quite often a thankless one but it can also be rewarding when you watch them achieve so much like developing reading and writing skills or swimming or riding a bike. Even opening a packet of food themselves sometimes is a big deal. Hey, you celebrate the small wins when you can!

Okay I must admit there is some good stuff. I think I may have even talked about it before, once or twice when I really needed to remind myself. They tell you you’re the best Mumma, that you’re beautiful, how much they love you, all that soppy stuff. The cute little kisses and sweet smiles (sometimes there’s a cheeky/naughty reason for it, watch that, don’t let them fool you!), when they still want to hold your hand or the best one of all, when they throw their little…or big growing arms…around you and give you the sweetest hug. I know I will miss that when they stop. Aha, who says I’ll let them stop??!! I think I’ll just make the most of everything, while I still can.

It pays to ask the tough questions

Are you okay? It’s three little words with so much meaning. Once upon a time, I really wasn’t okay. The kind of okay where I was questioning if I wanted to be here anymore. Even just typing that brings up so many raw emotions. It’s still hard to believe that thought passed through my mind, especially with two little people in my life that depend so much on their mummy to look after them. But it’s normal to have feelings of utter despair when your whole world is turned upside down. Too often the subject of mental health is pushed aside. It’s not weak to struggle. It’s not a bad thing to say you aren’t okay. Yet it’s seen as such a taboo topic.

While I certainly have moments where I don’t feel like talking, other times you can’t shut me up. My poor family, right?! Haha! I understand it’s not easy for everyone, but I have no shame in admitting my struggle.

Anxiety is a big part of my life. Those of you who know me well are probably thinking, no way not the always confident, friendly and chatty Sheree. But yep, believe it not I experience excessive worry over sometimes nothing, tiredness for no reason, nausea, a deep horrible feeling in my belly that just won’t go away no matter what I do and I can get cranky for no reason at all. These are just some of the things that I can go through. Even now, just a tense feeling hits me while I talk about anxiety. It’s likely something I’ve had for a big chunk of – if not all of – my life, but it was a few life changing events that brought it to the forefront. There are days that it does consume me a little and as hard as I try not to let it, it doesn’t always work. But other days I manage to live with it. I know there are people out there who are far worse than me!

I’ve also gone through depression. This was something I ignored for a very long time after my babies were born. I was fine, nothing was wrong. Of course I put on a front, a smile was on my face but it didn’t go much further. The feeling of being useless and unwanted was just how I felt. I didn’t want to admit I was failing, that I felt like a bad mum. I know now it really wasn’t the case. I was asked if I was okay and I did say yes but looking back I know it wasn’t true. But maybe it helped just a little bit, to keep me going, and I didn’t realise it at the time. It wasn’t easy. There are things I can’t even remember, sadly even some moments with my girls I can’t recall. But I think part of my solace is knowing they were too young to remember “sad mummy”, although it’s something I will always live with and try to better myself from.

I also have no shame in admitting I did seek help from a psychologist. It took 3 years to get a big part of “me” back again and to be honest I really enjoyed talking to someone who didn’t know anyone I was talking about, it felt amazing. But I did learn a lot about myself and how to not let certain aspects of my anxiety and depression rule my life and be my life. Now I’m not saying it’s easy or anyone can just do that, everyone’s story is different. This is me and how I managed through my struggle. How I still manage my struggle to this day. Do I still have crap days now? Of course I do, who doesn’t? It’s normal, it’s not weird and that’s a big part of living life.

Today (September 10) is R U OK? Day. It’s a day to remind us to start a conversation with someone and check in to see if they are okay. So even if you aren’t sure, ask someone are you okay? While you might ask the wrong person who tells you to mind your own business (it happens), you may also change someone’s entire day! Let’s keep the conversation going and hopefully make a difference to someone who may be struggling. I’m always here if anyone wants to chat!

Like not Love not

It’s okay to say you don’t like your kids. I’ve done it before. Many times. It doesn’t mean I don’t love them. No matter what I’ll always love them, it’s just how it is. But when they really crack my last nerve, my fondness does waver. A long day of yelling and being driven round the bend, it’s hard not to be cranky and not like someone, it doesn’t matter who they are! If everyone liked each other all the time, we’d live in a pretty boring world.

The hardest part is explaining to your kids that they are driving you up the wall. When another adult irritates you to no end, you walk away or tell them and either an argument ensues or you don’t talk to each other until tensions have eased. It might be a bit more complicated than that (especially with the vast differences between how females and males perceive how an argument goes, but don’t get me started on that!), but overall you get the idea. When it comes to telling your kids to give you some space, you may as well attach a big neon sign to your head that says “Keep annoying Mummy”.

I don’t like being the angry mum who tells her kids to go away when I’ve reached breaking point. The looks on their faces is enough to touch anyone’s heart. Oh the mum guilt! But I have also taken to hiding in the cupboard from time to time. It becomes a game then to see who can find me. At least it breaks the tension down a bit. And being able to jump out and scare them as well is also kind of funny. You have to have some laughs at the expense of your kids otherwise where’s the fun for you?!

Life without kids would certainly be boring. Well, in a really weird way. Who doesn’t miss being able to go anywhere you wanted at the drop of a hat and all you needed to grab was your phone, wallet and keys and off you go?! Mind you, the amount of things I need for my girls to leave the house now isn’t that bad, but it’s more the time it takes to get ready to leave the house. Insert big face palm and sigh right here!

We don’t live in a perfect world. I’m not a perfect parent and I never will be. I certainly don’t expect my girls to be perfect either because that’s never going to happen, I’d be living in a dream land if I thought it was. I know their attitudes and behaviour are going to get worse as we head towards teenage years as well. So much to look forward to, haha! But sometimes I just feel it’s not that much to ask my girls to be nice to Mummy so she doesn’t go off her brain day in day out. I still swear they hear something else entirely. Must be their selective hearing kicking into gear!

I know one day I’ll likely look back and wonder why I was worried about all the small stuff when there’s bigger fish to fry. But we all know how different things are when we’re currently living it. All I can say (as I hear another ‘loving’ sister fight brewing in the background) is lucky I love my kids and I wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world. Come check on me in five minutes though, I might just change my mind, haha!

Tick, tick, tick….cross

I didn’t sign up for any of this. The drama. The tantrums. The sassy attitude. The back chatting. And even the hitting. Not just each, but I’ve been known to cop a toy or even a limb to the face/head. Nope I didn’t sign up for that. None of it. Geez, I wonder where they get some of it from?! Haha! One day you’re staring into the eyes of a cute little baby and then it’s like someone hits the fast forward button and a little terror takes their place. I am, of course, speaking so fondly of my two little psycho….I mean cherubs! They are just the best .

What is it that makes kids just go round the bend? I don’t mean a little bit silly, but absolutely bonkers, to the point I swear they’re going to literally crash and burn. Well, it feels like I crash and burn and they just bounce back and do it all again. And again. And again. It’s on a repeat loop, most days. One minute they’re casually hanging out and being nice to each other and then it’s on for young and old. It’s funny (but not in a haha way) how quickly they turn on each other. Part of me is a little bit proud when my youngest daughter sticks it to her big sister who has been purposely antagonising her. But then I have to deal with the snotty crying that follows, usually from both of them.

I’ve been told so many times that my older brother and I were exactly the same. But surely we weren’t that bad? I remember us being more like sweet angels, right big bro?! Hahaha! I’m sure our parents, well all parents really, would find that statement hilarious. Unless you do have an angelic child, who does absolutely no wrong. They can’t possibly exist but all power to you, if that’s what you believe!

On so many levels I love them like there’s no tomorrow and I want to bottle up their sweetness. Five seconds into a bickering battle (usually for the tenth time in a day) and my brain quickly reminds me to snap into yelling mum mode. Whyyyyyyyy???! How can someone so cute and sweet one minute turn into a demon the next? I suppose some might say we women are very much the same, haha!

There’s always so many ups and then many, many, many downs when it comes to kids. There’s always drama, even over the smallest things. Outside play can sometimes last two seconds if there’s an insect that gets in the way of a fun game. And if someone stacks it on a bike or scooter, it’s all over, even if there’s no blood! But even as I type this, I can hear them playing so nicely together and all I can think about is how long until someone cops a barbie to the head or there’s yelling or tears for some unknown reason. It’s true that I often like to say “never a dull moment around here” but surely every now then it’s not too much to ask for?! Lucky I do love them, right?

A different kind of normal

What day of the week is it again?
I think every day has been rolling into the next in a bit of a blur. What used to be a normal structure and routine has disappeared. Thankfully some kind of “normal”, and I use that term very very loosely, looks set to return. Woohoo! We better not break out the party streamers just yet, because if we have learnt anything over the last few months is how quickly things can change.

I think I’ve been tested as a parent more in recent weeks than ever before. I’ve learnt I’m definitely not a teacher and have zero interest in taking it up as a profession, pretty much ever! Some aspects of doing school from home haven’t been too bad but overall, it wasn’t my cup of tea. Let’s just say, I’m very much looking forward to my big girl returning to the classroom in a few days!

What is a social life anymore? Not that I really had much of a “social” life before. Not unless you count chatting to other parents at school drop off/pick up and play dates. That’s a social life right?! Not being able to go out and see friends has certainly taken its toll on everyone, from adults right through to the littlies – my girls definitely included. I think it’s quite possible I have yelled at them more in the last 2 months than ever before, I’m sure the neighbourhood probably agrees, haha! They have been seeing each other all day, every day and it shows! Constant bickering and fighting over even the silliest of things. Going back to school and kindy might actually give them a chance to miss each other again, aww! I’m hoping so anyway. If not, I think I’m completely screwed.

My girls have been pretty good at understanding why their little world has changed so much, well mostly anyway. A quick trip to grab a few groceries with them in tow (for the first time in months) the other day had me nearly dropping the f-bomb in public. Why is it as soon as you tell kids not to touch or do something, they are compelled to do the exact opposite?!! I know I’m not alone in this one! Let’s just say, I think I’ll continue to grab groceries alone in the foreseeable future. I’m not sure whether I’m overjoyed or bummed about this prospect. Plus they still don’t quite get the idea of keeping their distance from other people, although I think they’re doing better than a lot of adults out there!

On a slightly different note, it’s a special day for many out there this Sunday – Mother’s Day. It might not quite look the same for everyone this year but it’s still worth celebrating all the mums and those who fit into the role, however that may be. It holds a different meaning for so many people. For me, it reminds me of the three most important people in my life. The two beautiful little girls (yeah I know, I’m feeling sentimental so they’re beautiful instead of the usual terrors) who made me a mum and remind me on a regular basis why I am their slave…I mean the best mummy ever. They are the same right?! And I can’t not mention the person who gave me life and who listens to me whinge all the time, my amazing mum! Without her, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I haven’t been the easiest person to put up with, especially in the last three and a bit years, but I know you do it because I am the best child you have. Oh right, it’s actually because you love me!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mums, mums-to-be, step mums, the dads who might be mum as well and everyone else who fits into the “mum” category, you are all amazing! May your day be filled with love, fun and laughter, along with some good presents as well!

Crazy Times

You almost feeling like saying WTF world?

We are living in a really strange time, something that I have never seen before and many others as well, let alone our kids. I’ve never had the experience of being away from school before the term ended with no way of knowing exactly when we’ll go back. Or watching all the shops, cinemas and restaurants shutting down. And the biggest thing of all, being told by our country’s government to stay at home. It is all new and to the littlest people in our lives, it probably doesn’t fully register what’s happening. Their life, which is normally packed full of fun, good times, going out and everything else, has suddenly quietened down significantly. It’s a massive change for them, one they will adapt to probably easier than us adults, but it’s still outside their normal.

Yes, they are hearing about germs, washing hands, trying to keep our distance from other people (for them, their friends) and being home schooled. They are being told holidays and fun events are cancelled, movies aren’t on and they definitely can’t catch up with their friends for a play at the playground. It’s not the end of the world, but it certainly has an impact on them. I think I’ve heard “I’m bored” more times than I can count and this is only day one and it’s a Saturday! I think I’ve explained so many times that we can’t go anywhere and I get lots of eye rolls, so at least that’s somewhat “normal”. I’m not trying to take away from the seriousness of this pandemic, people are extremely sick and so many people are dying, it’s very scary.

I’m not going to lie, I am feeling a bit scared myself. I live with an autoimmune disease that increases my risk of becoming quite sick if I were to catch the virus. I also have family members who are at a very high risk of becoming very ill as well. We are doing our best to adhere to all the advice about reducing the risks and ensuring we stay at home as much as possible. I’m scared for what the future holds for my girls and I’m trying to make life as fun as I can for them at the moment, but it feels like I’m up against a brick wall. We are lucky to have plenty of space at home to run them ragged but man they have lots of energy!

With all the doom and gloom out there at the moment, it’s hard not to feel down and in turn reflect that on to my girls. I know I have zero control over what’s happening out there, but what I am trying to control is how that makes my girls feel. I keep telling them everything will be okay and I’m holding on to lots of hope that it will be. But it’s the unknown that makes it harder. We don’t know how long this may last for (including our home schooling sanity!) but we can only do our best. We’ll keep going like we always do. This will not last forever. One day we’ll look back and remember all the good stuff about spending lots of time together at home. Until then, try to enjoy the ride!