The five second rule still exists, right?!

A biscuit here, a bit of fruit there, a big chunk of the day is about food for our little monster.

And in typical fashion, a lot of it ends up on the floor.

But in most cases, not for long.

Either I’m picking it up or she grabs it and munches it all up like she hasn’t eaten in weeks.

And I’ve never really worried about her eating bits of food that she’s dropped on the floor.

I keep the floors as clean as I can and grab any food that happens to be left lying around for long periods (which is rare anyway).

But a recent conversation with a friend shed a different light on the matter.

She too lets her little one pick up any recently dropped morsels but a visitor to her home was left open mouthed at the prospect.

Now I could come across sounding a bit like a very laid back parent here, but I don’t see it as that much of a big deal.

It’s not like the little munchkin was eating an entire meal from the floorboards.

Or eating dirt, pet food or dare I say it, shit?!

As with all things when it comes to parenting, each to their own.

Let’s face it, we spend enough time making sure our darling children eat and that in itself is enough of a battle some days.

We don’t need a war to erupt over spilt crackers.

Okay a slight exaggeration but you get the picture.

It’s not like I’m making my darling daughter do anything I wouldn’t, within reason, of course.

I wouldn’t let a dropped chocolate go to waste, that’s for sure!

But I’m not going to go to the trouble of saving a dropped bowl of soup or a piece of toast that has fluttered butter side down to the floor (why does it always land that way??!!!).

Once again we’re in the territory of kids being kids and it all boils down to letting them be just

Let them be little as long as possible, they’re already growing up way too fast.

I honestly think we’ve got bigger things to worry about than a bite of food on the floor.

As for food dropped on the ground outside, that’s a whole other story, unless it’s chocolate….

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  1. Well there is nothing wrong with food being dropped on the floor and then picked up and placed in your mouth. You know that helps kids with there immune system having some germs enter there body. There are kids in some third world countries that don’t have a floor but ground as there floor and when they drop food they pick it up clean it and eat it. Most of them are probably healthier then some kids in western society. Anyway each to there own

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