“Santa….presents…ho, ho, ho and Merry Christmas”.

These words have been flowing from the mouth of our beautiful Miss Izzie on a daily basis in the past week.

The Christmas spirit is well and truly alive in our house this year.

It’s her third Christmas but the first time she’s paid any attention to what’s been going on.

She helped us put the tree up on December 1 and has spent many days “redecorating” it since.

We also made the trek to the shops to see the jolly man in the big red suit and score a memento of the occasion.

A very excited Izzie babbled about visiting Santa the whole way there, until we got within two feet of the big guy.

Let’s just say my hopes of a cute photo of the two girls with Santa turned into a rather cheesy shot of the four of us snuggled up to him instead!

Poor Izzie was a bit freaked out while Miss Phoebe slept through the whole debacle!

I guess there’s always next year….or we could start a family tradition of Santa photos, haha!
I’m sure my husband is already running for the hills at the thought!

All the photo drama aside, it is exciting to once again relive the magic of Christmas, Santa and all that comes with it.

I must admit I felt like a bit of a grinch for many years before the girls came along.

Now I’m starting to feel like a kid again.

It’s brought a lively nature into our house talking about Santa and presents.

But the best part about now being the adult is using the threat of no presents for naughty behaviour.

The hard part has been not laughing while issuing the threat.

Not that it’s made a huge difference, with our cheeky toddler laughing at us instead.

As if the presents won’t appear, Santa has been busy shopping (sorry the elves have been making the gifts) and wrapping for weeks, haha!

But now the big day is almost here.

Santa’s treats are ready with beer, milk and cookies taking pride of place near our tree with Miss Izzie’s toy Santa “watching” to make sure the real Santa gets them!

I think daddy may have already finished the beer assembling one of the presents and I may just need a biscuit to get me through (haha!).

Merry Christmas to everyone out there!

May your day be filled with love, laughter and if you’re lucky enough little ones filled with excitement and wonder!

Christmas morning is going to be so much fun with a sea of wrapping paper to waddle through…..I can’t wait!

It’s a shame the cleaning fairy can’t add some magic to make it all disappear in the bin at the end…..

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