Challenging perspectives

You’re perfect just the way you are.

Whether you realise it or not.

I, for one, am guilty of not seeing the best in myself (so I’m told) and I’m sure I’m not alone.

Have you ever looked at the other Mums in your friends circle and started doubting yourself?

We all do it!

I swear, as women, we have a built in gene that makes us compare ourselves against others.

And as Mums that gene tends to go into overdrive!

You feel like you’re just treading water but your fellow mummies look like they’re floating just above the waterline.

You can barely manage brushing your hair before ushering kids out the door and they look like they’re ready for a beauty shoot.

I can only think of a few reasons why some Mums look like they have it all under control and all without a hair out of place!

Number One: They don’t sleep! EVER!!
Which surely means they are superhuman or a robot.

Number Two: Their kids aren’t really theirs and they just hire them for occasions.

Number Three: They have a secret army of helpers who do everything for them!

But in all honesty we’re all in the same boat.

We all struggle, yell, scream and cry but the key thing to remember is some are just better at hiding it than others.

Children can be exhausting and at times hard work but thankfully it isn’t all the time.

If everyone in your house is fed, clean and happy you’re doing an amazing job.

Washing and other housework is a mere bonus.

You are a SuperMum, whether you feel like it or not.

In your kids eyes you are their world.

They don’t care if you haven’t cleaned the house or if you’ve brushed your hair or not.

They just want you to be there especially for mummy cuddles.

And in return you receive sincere unconditional love.

So whenever you feel like everyone else is acing the mum gig and you’re not, just take a a quick look at your little ones.

That’s all the reminder you need!

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