Always asking questions

How do you know if you’re doing it right? This whole parenting thing? Even life in general? You don’t! You can only do your best and see what happens after that. It’s pretty much flying blind, winging it, put your beer goggles on and just go with the flow type of stuff. Maybe some structure […]

One step at a time

I want to do it. Can I do it? What are you doing? What’s that? Can I help? It’s all about helping mummy these days, which I love. Except when nine times out of ten it would be much quicker to do it myself. But it’s hard to say no to a very determined young […]

Feeling the pressure

When are you having the next one? And by that I mean a baby of course. Although if someone asked when I was having the next piece of chocolate, there would be none left by the time they finished the sentence. But in all seriousness…..It seems to be a popular question for me these days […]