Growing up is hard to do

I never thought I’d admit I miss my girls as babies. Yes they cried, needed me for everything and quite often I had no idea what they actually wanted (so not much has changed then!) but together we got through it. Don’t get me wrong I love them as the crazy, attitude riddled individuals they […]

From strength to strength

You can do this. Yes, you. I’m talking to the have been doing it for years mum, the new mum, the soon-to-be mum and everyone else out there who fulfils the parenting role. Even on those terrible, no sleep, crying your eyes, exhausting days, where you feel like a complete mess, you’ve still got this. […]

Yes, No, Maybe…

“Is everything okay?” It’s a popular question for new Mums. I may have heard it myself on many occasions. With both my girls. And the response was often “yep fine”, even if things weren’t. Why do we this to ourselves?! Because we women, particularly Mums, like to show and prove we know what we’re doing, […]

A mother’s tale

“Mummy, mummy, mummy, mummy……” I’m not going to lie, I’m still loving hearing it. No doubt that will change one day. Just like there are days I love being a mum. And there are days I don’t. And as the cliched saying goes, I wouldn’t change a thing. Mind you, there are days I think […]