The fun side of growing up

I’ve always thought it was a bit of a bummer being the youngest child. I know there’s only two of us (sucks to be you if you have more older siblings) but at times it hasn’t always been fun being the youngest. And if you’re about to say the youngest gets everything, that’s not always […]

Talking the talk

You have to love the lies we tell ourselves about our own children. Before they’re born and you see a friend’s offspring or a kid at the shops throwing a ridiculous tantrum over nothing you say, ‘oh my child won’t do that’. After they’re born and you’re still stuck in that newborn haze, you can’t […]

Ups and downs

Every day with kids is a roller coaster. One minute you’re up, the next going down and let’s not forget always having to be prepared for the unexpected twists and turns. Like now, I feel like a walking zombie again thanks to the joys of teething and the oh so fun tantrums….from not just one […]

Looks do(n’t) matter

I feel like I’ve gone wrong somewhere. But I’m stumped as to where, who, what or when it began! Don’t even get me started on why! It’s early morning on any given day in our house and it’s time to get the girls dressed. One child done (usually the youngest Miss Phoebe of course) and […]

The next hurdle

My “baby” girl is about to turn two. Where the hell did that time go?! In the midst of tantrums (hers and ours), changing nappies, marking off milestones and lots of learning and playing, the past two years have disappeared before our very eyes. I remember clearly the day she was born and when we […]