My “baby” girl is about to turn two.

Where the hell did that time go?!

In the midst of tantrums (hers and ours), changing nappies, marking off milestones and lots of learning and playing, the past two years have disappeared before our very eyes.

I remember clearly the day she was born and when we brought her home.

Everything else is a bit of a blur, but in a good way.

She’s growing up fast and showing us what an independent little girl she really can be.

That is, until she doesn’t get what she wants.

But that’s another story.

We have good days and bad ones (who doesn’t?!) but I really wouldn’t change anything about her for the world.

Okay maybe I might try to tone the attitude down a little bit, but I really have myself to thank for that one, courtesy of strong genes, of course!

Even on a bad day my own mum keeps reminding me to enjoy every second of what Miss Izzie throws at us (yes, even the bad stuff) because it goes by way too fast.

As always she’s right.

But that doesn’t stop me from almost screaming the house down when Izzie spills her milk for the umpteenth time in a day (yes, today has been one of those days!).

It’s only after I watch her face change I realise I could have handled the situation better.

I guess it just keeps this parenting game fun!

Watching our little girl growing up has been quite a journey so far.

From sitting up, to crawling and then walking and running.

From smiles to giggles and full blown infectious laughter.

From cute baby babble to words here and there and now using short sentences….which we understand most of the time.

The list goes on!

Every day creates a new platform for her to spread her wings and grow her personality.

And we get to reap the benefits by watching it shine through.

Okay maybe just a little sentimental and soppy, but being a parent definitely creates a roller coaster of emotions.

You can experience the highest of highs before being plunged into the lowest of lows, all in one day!

But all that aside, it’s been a lot of fun too.

We look forward to seeing what she can do next in her new role as a big sister….exciting times ahead.

Wishing our “baby” girl a very Happy 2nd Birthday!

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