Every day is fast becoming a different story in our house.

It can be a case of which side of the bed….sorry cot….will Miss Izzie (or mummy, if you ask my husband) wake up on today?

There are days I feel we go forward two steps only to move back another three.

It’s as good as pulling your hair out or maybe bashing your head against a brick wall.

Okay, so maybe a bit of an exaggeration.

But we’ve just hit yet another night of little Miss Fussypants spitting out every piece of food offered.

And it’s seriously doing my head in.

I know mum, you always told me this would happen!

But that is just a tiny morsel (pun intended) of the fun to be had.

Day times can be filled with laughs and giggles or screaming tantrums, at times for what I believe is nothing at all.

Like wanting a banana, having two bites and looking at me like I just made the worst decision on Earth and didn’t hand over my toast.

Or not getting her milk or low and behold a piece of chocolate.

Honestly there are times I can’t help but laugh (when I’m not ready to hit my head against the proverbial wall, of course).

But it’s not all bad, I promise.

We’re moving forward in leaps and bounds when it comes to words.

After waiting what felt like forever to hear “mummy”, which I still love, we’ve now accomplished so much more including animal sounds, names and even “please”, but only when it suits Miss Izzie to use it mind you!

And I really can’t complain about the endless supply of cuddles and kisses on a daily basis, it just melts my heart.

But in typical toddler fashion things change in the blink of an eye.

Asking for a cuddle can be met with a very definite “no” or moving toys back to the playroom (for the third, fourth or even fifth time in a day) can result in the stomping of feet or believe it not, tears.

And then daddy comes home from work and it’s almost like a new child appears in the house once again (haha, no not my husband!).

Giggles, bashing on the door with excitement and cries of “daddy” fill the house with that sense of childish wonder, one that seemingly makes the world a better place.

I guess we’re always left wondering what to expect next.

If only toddlers came with a manual…..

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