“Mummy you do it for me.”
“No mummy I do it myself.”
So, which is it kiddo, you do it yourself or am I doing it for you? It depends on what it is of course. And it also depends on the day, week, month or even year. Time of day too. And if the sky is blue or purple or all colours of the rainbow really. It’s funny what kids can achieve when they want to but if mummy’s available, surely she can do it?! Mummy can do anything and everything when the mood is right of course. And if all else fails just cry or throw an epic tantrum. I’m talking about the child here of course (haha!).

It’s funny the way kids will manipulate you to get what they want though. Whether they realise they’re doing it or not who knows?! Although I suspect they definitely know what they’re doing! But nine times out of ten, the cheeky terrors win anyway because I’m either not up for an argument over silly stuff or I just can’t be bothered. Catch mummy on a good day though and good luck, haha!

I always want my girls to foster the idea of independence and do as much as they can for themselves but of course the second one of them realizes Mummy is doing something for the other sibling, it’s the end of the world. Quite often I hear the words “I can’t”. It drives me crazy. I know I’m guilty of saying it too so I can’t exactly say I represent the best example. But that’s beside the point, right?!

I think I’ve said this before but I honestly thought things were tough when the girls were newborns. But oh my goodness, every stage with kids comes with a new set of challenges. Every day I feel like a new child appears in the place of the ones I put to bed the night before. Just when you think you have a handle on things, bam, it’s different again.

The days and nights sometimes feel like they drag on forever, especially when you have to share your bed with your kids or more like an octopus the way they take over. Arms and legs going in all directions! But they want to be close to mummy. It’s cute but not necessarily comfortable.

And the attitudes are on a constant, shall we say, decline?! I try not to fight it but some days mummy loses her you know what more easily than others. It’s a tough battle, always reminding myself I’m their mum, not their friend. But you do kind of want to play the nice card occasionally. Selective hearing is definitely switched on. They hear what they want, regardless of what I say. I feel like giving up, I think it might be easier, haha!

Do you ever think I’m so good at this parenting/life thing, best job ever? Nah me either, haha! I think I’m raising two devils in disguise. Even as I write, my dearest darling youngest daughter has been helping herself to chocolate, the evidence is all over her face. Yep, I’m just the best mother ever!

I’ve seen so many memes about parenting out there. But one I really like is “Parenting is…whispering for f###’s sake before answering your name”. Especially if you have heard mummy on repeat numerous times in a short space of time. Occasionally it slips out in a louder tone, it’s a bit of a whoops moment which I’m afraid can’t be helped. I’m not perfect, never have been and sorry girls I never will be. But I will continue to do my very best…I think.

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