I’m not backward in coming forward.

Those of you who know me well would be used to hearing what I have to say.

So I couldn’t stay quiet about something which I feel needs to be said.

So here goes….

Stop the mum shaming! Enough is enough.

To all the mums out there, you rock!

You’re doing an amazing job, even if you feel like you aren’t.

You might be doing everything right and you could be getting it all wrong.

But who cares as long as you and your kids are happy! Right?!

Apparently not!

Mum shaming is out there and it’s a case of judge or be judged.

No one says you have to like what other mums do.

Why on earth do we all feel the need to bring each other down?!

You know what?? Some mums work. Some don’t and some even work from home, fancy that!

Some mums breastfeed and others don’t or even can’t so there’s nothing wrong with a bottle!

You can purée food for your little one or make use of handy pouches or packets, as long as your child is fed it’s up to you how you do it!

There are mums who co-sleep and yep you guessed it, mums who don’t.

You might choose to yell at and smack your kids or you might not.

Some mums actually choose to stay at home and others have to go to work because they don’t have a choice, that doesn’t make either role any less tiring than the other.

Some mums use daycare and others don’t.

Parenting is full of ups and downs and twists and turns. It doesn’t need to be a competition.

No one is perfect and there isn’t one set way to parent.

Yet in this crazy world we live in, it seems people feel the need to bring other parents down and tell them they pretty much suck.

Everyone is entitled to an opinion, hell I’ve certainly got my fair share.
But there are times when it’s just better to keep that opinion to yourself.

So what if you don’t agree with what another mum does or doesn’t do for their child, it’s not your place to say otherwise.

If you do feel the need to open your mouth, shove a piece of chocolate into it instead, it’ll leave a better taste….

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