Sometimes I miss the carefree nature of being a kid.

No responsibility.

No worries.

Clothes reappear clean.

Food is cooked and served.

There’s plenty of toys to play with and fun to be had.

Okay, so you have to go to school but at least you get to see your friends most days.

How could you not love all that?!

Then I think I’d have to go through growing up and endure the teenage years and I realise I’m good with being a grown up.

But after a tough, emotional couple of weeks, I’m on the verge of liking the idea of being a kid again.

Then Miss Izzie calls me mummy, giggles at me, gives me a cuddle or grabs my hand to play and I’m reminded of how innocent children can be and I know I’m where I should be in life.

I’m mummy.

I’m the one who makes her day easy, carefree and fun.

She doesn’t know the sadness of loss yet or the emotions of big life changes because she just wants cuddles, TV shows, books and toys.

Oh and for mummy to sing the same song, over and over and over and over…..

And let’s face it, for an almost two-year-old, those things are a pretty big deal.

I know that one day I will have to explain life, death and of course the birds and bees (yikes!).

But I’m grateful for now that Izzie gets to enjoy being a child.

A child who doesn’t have to worry about the big scary wide world, just yet.

I’m glad that I don’t have to explain about the bad things we see on the news.

Or even why people get sick and hurt.

That at times this beautiful place we live in can be dangerous, scary and unpredictable.

But putting all that aside, I’m forever grateful that I get to be her mummy and I have her daddy by my side.

Together we get to watch our little girl have fun, be amazed and turn into quite the cheeky little monkey.

A young lady that is growing up very fast.

Sometimes I think too fast! Where did my little baby go?!

I often see a glimpse of what could become quite an attitude.

Flash forward to the teenage years and I think karma is going to come back and bite me (yes mum, I hear you!).

No doubt there’s plenty of fun years still ahead of us….

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