Teething is a bitch.

There I said it.

The cold hard truth.

Well in my eyes anyway.

It’s like everything you did to antagonise your own parents as a child comes back to bite you on the bum in one fell swoop.

Okay so maybe I’m dramatising it just a little bit.

But after a rough couple of nights in our house, involving multiple episodes of crying and screaming, my head is still feeling a bit fuzzy.

Why oh why does teething have to cause so much pain?

I know having your gum split open as a tooth pushes through can’t be fun, but really?!

And while I’m asking lots of questions, why does this horrendous pain seem to inflict itself at nighttime?

We can tolerate the whinging during the day, when the birds are singing and the sun is shining.

But once that sun dips below the horizon and the bats come out to play, it’s almost like a switch is flicked and you’re left with a monster where your child should be.

Again yes I’m dramatising just a little bit.

But I have been fortunate so far to have a pretty good sleeper on my hands (yes I hear you cursing me not so lucky parents) but it hasn’t always been a bed of roses!

So when a peaceful night of slumber…well other than my husband snoring…..is interrupted, it makes for a less than fun time in our house.

But I am extremely grateful for Nurofen, teething tablets and bonjella on those truly shocking nights!!

Teething has been a bit of a slow process for us with the same six toothy pegs hanging out on their own until the past week.

Now part of me is hoping we get a bunch all in quick succession to get it over and done with.

I guess things wouldn’t feel so bad if teething didn’t affect everything.

Sleep, eating, nappies and chewing on everything to relieve the pain.

Plus the screaming like a banshee as though someone is trying to crash tackle them against their will.

In the end it’s just another part of the big learning curve we encounter as parents.

If there’s one saving grace at least babies don’t remember the pain or process of it all.

Otherwise they’d be more like us adults curled up in the foetal position and crying like a baby.

Kind of ironic when you think about it really…..

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