Pointy end of the stick

Teething is a bitch. There I said it. The cold hard truth. Well in my eyes anyway. It’s like everything you did to antagonise your own parents as a child comes back to bite you on the bum in one fell swoop. Okay so maybe I’m dramatising it just a little bit. But after a […]

Puzzling habits

We have a head banger on our hands. And I don’t mean of the musical variety. Although there are days she likes to bop along to music. Nope unfortunately this head banging is focussed on the floor, furniture or my collarbone. And many times takes place soon after the word “no” is aimed in her […]

Tis the season

Today was a day of achievement, we finished the Christmas shopping!! And with just over a week to go until Christmas Day, I’m thanking my lucky stars. It may be one day a year, but it’s a day that sends us all into a frenzied buying panic in the weeks leading up to December 25. […]